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Don’t let your old bikes go to waste if you get a new one this Christmas

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If you’re lucky enough to find a brand new bike under your Christmas tree, don’t let your old one go to waste – why not donate it to Yorkshire Bank Bike Libraries so someone else can benefit from it?

The award-winning Yorkshire Bank Bike Library scheme has one simple aim: to give every child in Yorkshire access to a bike, for free.

The project asks for anyone with an old or unwanted bike to hand them in at one of 62 donation stations across the county.

The bikes are repaired if necessary and then made available to borrow completely free of charge from one of the bike libraries all over Yorkshire.

So, if Father Christmas brought you or someone you know a bike this year, make someone else’s year by donating your old one to the Yorkshire Bank Bike Library scheme.

On 12th December the Yorkshire Bank Bike Library scheme celebrated its third birthday – and in the short time since it launched it’s gone from strength to strength – with over 60 donation stations and almost 50 bike libraries in place.

Sir Gary Verity, Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, said: “It’s amazing that the Yorkshire Bank Bike Library scheme benefits so many children across the county. But what’s just as fantastic to see is how many generous Yorkshire people have got behind the project and donated a bike.

“So far, over 5,500 bikes have been donated which is incredible – thank you to everyone who has got involved. I’m sure there will be lots of lucky children finding a new bike under the Christmas tree this year. Don’t let your old bike go to waste – let someone new love your old bike!”

Helen Page, Group Innovation & Marketing Director at Yorkshire Bank, said: “It is so inspiring to see what the Yorkshire Bank Bike Libraries has achieved in these three years and we are determined to keep momentum moving into 2018.

“We would not have been able to achieve what we have without the fantastic support from the local communities within Yorkshire and ask that people continue to support the project this Christmas.”

The Yorkshire Bank Bike Library scheme became the first UK project to win a Peace and Sport Award last week at a ceremony in Monaco.

Coach calls out to Asian women to join her in Tour de Yorkshire women’s event

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The Onna Bike ride this Sunday will have 200 people mainly Asian women and girls cycling from Lister Park to Saltaire. The pic above was from a recent trip abroad cycling 600km with the Bradford Cycle Club

The Onna Bike ride this Sunday 30th April will have 200 people mainly Asian women and girls cycling from Lister Park to Saltaire. The pic above is Mumtaz's recent trip abroad cycling 600km with the Bradford Cycle Club.


She’s “Onna” biking mission

An inspiring woman has been drumming up interest from across the region to get Asian women involved in biking.

Mumtaz Khan from "Onna Bike" cycling club has been busy organising a community ride on closed roads as part of the Tour de Yorkshire Stage Three event on Sunday 30th April.

The ride will go about 2.5miles from Lister Park to Roberts Park in Saltaire and will feature 200 riders- mainly women.

With Asian women usually ones to shy away from bicycling, Mumatz tells that she only learnt how to ride a bike following the Grand Depart 2014 - Tour de France.

Mumtaz, a Level 4 Black Belt Ju-Jitsu coach booked herself onto some beginners training and, with the support of a female cycle instructor, she was soon cycling regularly. In fact, Mumtaz was learning so much about safe cycling practice that she started to pass on tips and advice to friends.

Now Mumtaz is a qualified cycling instructor and is committed encouraging more Asian women to take up cycling. Through her club she’s organising for over 200 women to make a statement by embracing Tour de Yorkshire.

“We’ve almost hit our target of 200 female riders to take part in Sunday’s event, and we’ve got room for just a few more,” says Mumtaz.

“The ride includes novices and is family orientated - no one has been turned away.

"This is a great chance to get everyone together in Bradford’s broad cycling community so I hope you will join us on the day, in whichever capacity you decide!”

If you’ve got your own bike, helmet and lots of energy get in touch with Mumtaz on


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The highly anticipated race timings for the 2017 Tour de Yorkshire have been unveiled by Welcome to Yorkshire.

Millions of spectators will line the route for the three-day men’s race and one-day women’s race which run between 28-30 April. The timings have been calculated by anticipating the peloton’s average speed but are subject to change depending on variables such as wind speed, direction and how aggressively the riders race.

Timings for the newly expanded race caravan have also been included and list the stop off points where fans will be treated to a host of promotional goodies from the official race partners.

Welcome to Yorkshire Chief Executive Sir Gary Verity said: “It’s always exciting to share these timings as supporters can now plan exactly where and when they want to watch the action. Every time I see them I’m astonished by how quickly the peloton travels, but these are the very best riders in the world after all! 

“Of course, there is a huge amount of added entertainment planned across the county over the full three days, and be sure to line the route early to see our colourful race caravan and fleet of Yorkshire cycling legends pass through.”

The full schedule and race timings can be viewed online now at

Stage One: Friday 28 April – Bridlington to Scarborough, 173km (107.5 miles)

The Stage of the Coast and Wolds will begin at 12:35pm outside Bridlington Spa and the first intermediate sprint will be contested in Pocklington at 13:48pm before the peloton tackle the Côte de Garrowby Hill at 14:06pm. The next categorised climb comes on the Côte de Goathland at 15:42pm, and the race reaches the coastline again at Whitby for the second intermediate sprint point outside Whitby Abbey at 16:03pm. The Côte de Robin Hood’s Bay must then be ascended at 16:19pm before the now legendary finish along Scarborough’s North Bay at 17:00pm.

Stage Two and the Asda Women’s Tour de Yorkshire: Saturday 29 April – Tadcaster to Harrogate, 122.5km (76 miles)

The Asda Women’s Tour de Yorkshire kicks off an enticing double-header on Saturday with the world’s best female cyclists riding the exact same route as the men do on stage two. They get under way on the newly reopened Tadcaster Bridge at 09:15am and head to Knaresborough where the first intermediate sprint points are up for grabs at 09:53am. The riders continue on into the heart of Nidderdale where the brutish Côte de Lofthouse awaits them at 10:51am. Any contenders that fall behind there will be looking to get themselves back into the mix for the second sprint in Ripon at 11:38am and the pace is then unlikely to relent from then on until a frantic finale in Harrogate at 12:27pm.

The men meanwhile, will roll out of Tadcaster for the Stage of Historic Market Towns at 14:05pm and contest the Knaresborough sprint at 14:40pm. The Côte de Lofthouse must be overcome at 15:31pm before they reach Ripon for a second sprint at 16:13pm. The action will then culminate with a similarly fast finish in Harrogate at 16:56pm.

Stage Three: Sunday 30 April – Bradford to Fox Valley, Sheffield, 194.5km (120.9 miles)

The decisive stage of this year’s race – ominously titled The Yorkshire Terrier due to its punishing parcours – exits Bradford’s City Park at 12:10pm and takes a scenic trip to the Dales before heading back along the Aire Valley for the first of eight climbs on the Côte de Silsden at 14:04pm. The Côtes de Haworth and Leeming then follow in quick succession at 14:22pm and 14:32pm respectively before the peloton reaches the Côte de Shibden Wall. This cobbled beast will be crested at 14:54pm before an intermediate sprint takes place in Clifton at 15:09pm. There’s no respite as the race passes into South Yorkshire, and the final sprint points are up for grabs in Stocksbridge at 16:47pm before the weary riders tackle a gruelling 22km concluding loop featuring no less than four categorised climbs. The Côte de Deepcar is first up at 16:52pm and the Côtes de Wigtwizzle (16:58pm) and Ewden Height (17:01) come one after the other before one last drag up the Côte de Midhopestones at 17:07pm. Anyone left in contention after that will duke it out for the stage and overall victory in Fox Valley at 17:15pm.

If that’s whetted your appetite and you want to sample what it’s like to ride the Tour de Yorkshire yourself this year, there is still time to register for the Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Ride sportive on Sunday 30 April. Full details on that can be found at

One in ten of us doesn’t know how to ride a bike

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The BHF is urging Brits to get back into the saddle this year by taking on the iconic London to Brighton Bike Ride.
Despite being one of the nation's favourite sports, the survey of 2,000 UK residents has revealed that an astonishing 6.3 million people – one in eight of us – don't know how to ride a bike. 
British Heart Foundation (BHF) has found that the average resident in Yorkshire and the Humber hasn't ridden a bike in nine years, with almost one in four (23%) avoiding the saddle for more than 10 years. 
The BHF is urging people in Yorkshire and the Humber to get back on their bikes this year by signing up to the iconic London to Brighton Bike Ride, taking place on Sunday 18th June 2017, to raise money for life saving heart research.
The survey also showed that the average household in the UK owns just one bike between them, but more worryingly, 41% of households don't own bike at all.
People in Yorkshire and the Humber fare much worse than the UK average, with a shocking one in six (15%) admitting they can't ride a bike and over two fifths (42%) of the local community saying they don't even own one. 
Most surprisingly, however, almost one in ten (8%) of people in Yorkshire and the Humber admit it's been so long since they've ridden a bike they've forgotten what to do!
Despite this, many of us do have ambitions to get back into cycling this year. 
The BHF wants to help get people in Yorkshire and the Humber back on their bikes, by encouraging everyone to take on its flagship event and join the fight against heart disease. 
With a range of free training guides and nutritional advice on hand, the nation's heart charity has everything you need to help get you back in the saddle and over the finish line.
Elizabeth Tack, Event Lead for London to Brighton Bike Ride at the British Heart Foundation, said: "It's surprising to learn that whilst there is a clear appetite for cycling in the UK, there is still a vast amount of us who are not getting on our bikes often enough, or even at all. 
"Cycling is a fantastic way of keeping your heart healthy. This is why we're encouraging everyone to dust off their bikes this year and challenge themselves to take on our London to Brighton Bike Ride to help support our vital research into heart disease.
"We can provide all the support you need to get you back in the saddle this year, with free training guides and advice available for all registered cyclists in the run up to the big day. It's a fantastic day out for all the family and every pound you raise will help make a difference to millions."
The BHF's London to Brighton Bike Ride has run for over 40 years and is Europe's oldest charity cycling event. 
It's a ride for the fast and the fall behinds, the solo riders and the team players. It's for the experienced and the newbies, the confident and the cautious. This year's event will take place on Sunday 18th June.
By taking part in the London to Brighton Bike Ride you will help power ground-breaking research, to bring new hope to the 7 million people living with cardiovascular disease in the UK.

Government to invest £3.75 million in low-emission

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Transport Minister John Hayes has announced a £3.75 million scheme to encourage the uptake of low-emission motorcycles and scooters.

The grant will allow buyers of low-emission bikes to get discounts of up to 20 per cent of the bike’s retail price, up to a maximum discount of £1,500.

The scheme is part of a huge government investment in low-emission vehicles, which has also seen £30 million invested in charging infrastructure and £2 million awarded to organisations that use hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Hayes said: “No matter what mode of transport you need – a scooter to get to work, a car or a van to run your business – we are here to help you do it with zero emissions.

“The number of ultra-low emission vehicles on our roads are at record levels and new registrations have risen by 250% in just over two years. We are committing £35 million to help install new charge points and offer new grants as we aim for nearly all cars and vans on our roads to be zero-emission by 2050.”

Steve Kenward, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, welcomed the investment, saying: “This opens the door to zero-emission transport to people who have not been able to afford electric cars, which tended to have been a ‘lifestyle choice’.

“Motorcycles and scooters are an extremely accessible form of electric transport and have the capacity to significantly reduce congestion, since they share all the advantages of riding a regular powered two-wheeler.”