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Dhoom Dhoom Lak Lak! “Bring your dancing shoes to get a true flavour of the Punjabi culture and don’t miss out!”

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Image courtesy: Punjabi Roots Academy

Image courtesy: Punjabi Roots Academy


Get ready for a fantastic night of Punjabi music, dance and culture as Punjabi Roots Academy present ‘PRA Fest’ to celebrate north India’s harvest festival of Vaisakhi.

This event will feature the famous PRA Bhangra Dance Team, The B3ats Live Band, Jagtar Singh Romana Yorkshire’s legendary Punjabi music maestro, Loud and Proud Lethal Dholis, Gopy Singh and Sammy Chauhan the new singing sensation from the Punjabi Roots Academy camp.

The PRA is a specialist training provider and academy, where their mission is to embed learners with solid values and positive attitudes whilst gaining new skills. They recognise young talent in a variety of performing arts, where young people can be mentored and gain work experience to help them build upon their skills to take forward into a variety of industries.

Punjabi Roots Academy thrives from giving creative opportunities to young people. PJA do this in schools and community groups, by mixing the STEM subjects up to show that the arts and media have the high potential to enable young people to excel in what they are doing, to teach young people artistic and employable skills and in an interactive and engaging way.

PRA’s motto is “to empower each of our learners with the tools they need to take positive action for themselves and their future within the creative arts and media industry.”

Image courtesy: Punjabi Roots Academy

Image courtesy: Punjabi Roots Academy


Their professionals help learners to develop new skills in Bhangra, Gidha and Bollywood dance, play a wide range of Instruments, Punjabi and Ethnic Sports, DJ Technology, Music Technology and Production, Radio Broadcast, Film and TV Broadcast, Events Management, Drama, Singing and MC Rapping.

As well as working nationally and world-wide with a number of high profile actors, presenters and music artists such as: Preeya Kalidas, Abhay Deol, Meera Syal, Sofia Hayat, Stephen Rahman Hughes, Nitin Ganatra, Angellica Bell, Helen Skelton, Barney Harwood, Wes Butters,Panjabi MC, Jazzy B, Sukshinder Shinda, Aman Hayer, Malkit Singh, Angrej Ali, H Dhami, RDB, Sahara to name but a few.

PRA aims to give back to communities, to create positive change to communities in Bradford and beyond.

“At our Dhoom Dhoom Lak Lak! Bhangra and Dhol Extravaganza expect an immersive evening - full of energy!” say PRA.

“There will be a rhythmic full live band with dhol drummers who will get you tapping your feet, Punjabi folk singers, lively bangrah dancers and biggest of all – the new singing sensation and member of the PRA Sammy Chauhan who is said to be the next ‘big thing’.

“It is guaranteed to be a ‘loud and proud’ event. Don’t miss out!”

Jassi Sidhu’s ‘Haa Kurvakeh’

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When you think of the name Jassi Sidhu you're automatically taken back to the heydays of modern UK Bhangra.

The foot thumping heart pounding tracks from the 2000's when UK Bhangra music ruled the airways. A time when you danced from 'Veer Ji' to 'Ki Kehneh' wherever you were across the world.

Now 2017 see's Toronto's celebrity DJ, DJ K Square venture into the world of production as he collaborates with the ambassador of UK Bhangra Jassi Sidhu to bring you 'Haa Kurvakeh'.

From touring the world as DJ to the stars, to establishing himself as the premier DJ in North America, the move into production is the next logical step in an already impressive resume.

DJ K Square's thinking behind the song was quite simple."Musically I grew up in the late 90's at a time where UK Bhangra was the biggest sound in the world.

"Jassi's songs just encompassed everything about that movement from the likes of 'Chandigar' to 'Ama Ni Ama' it was such an original fresh sound, a sound and feeling that I wanted to capture again and introduce it to a whole new audience."

And so DJ K Square presents to the world 'Haa Kurvakeh' with a sound that will make a whole generation of listeners reminisce and a whole new generation of listeners sit up and take notice.

Jassi Sidhu's track record speaks for itself, a career that has crossed more than two decades with a catalogue of songs second to none.

The certified ambassador of UK Bhangra has taken his sound from Hollywood to Bollywood earning a legion of fans on the way with his unmistakable voice and unique style.

'Haa Kurvakeh' is the Jassi Sidhu sound with the DJ K Square twist. A huge Bhangra song with a sound and style that is impossible to replicate or imitate.

In an age where so many songs sound so similar, prepare yourself as the most recognisable voice of his generation Jassi Sidhu and North Americas finest DJ K Square, unleash their collaboration on the world.

REVOLUTIONARY: Brown Cow & Arpan create musical movement fusing electronic dance music with bhangra

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StartUPyetPic copyLeaving behind a high-flying career in tech as a vice president of sales, a US-based man decided to follow his dream of creating music with global appeal and stripping off ‘typical stereotypes’ of desi music.

The brainchild of this movement, Sanj Juneja (aka Brown Cow), had a vision of a crossover track, which would be a unique fusion of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) combined with Bhangra and dancefloor flavours.

Working closely with musical maestro Arpan Bhattacherjee (aka Arpan), Sanj is now all set to create history. Their co-produced finished product called 'Start Up Yet' featuring Shi Wisdom is nothing short of genius.

Shi Wisdom is herself a Redbull Sound Select Artist that has worked with the superstar Drake and co-wrote Rita Ora's mega hit 'RIP' which has so far gained over 55 million views on Vevo.

BrownCow+Arpan_HR (400x400)MTV (both online and televised_ featured ‘Start Up Yet’ as their “Video of the Week” on June 17th, 2016. An incredible feat as this is usually reserved to the largest artist in the industry.

After receiving many accolades for the track, Brown Cow and Arpan worked with one of the most highly acclaimed film companies in Canada - Revolver Films and shot their video over the course of ten days in the slums of Trinidad via Director, Kristof Brandl.

Selecting Kristof Brandl as their DOP was a no-brainer as Kristof has aggregated a tremendous resume spanning in his five-year career, shooting Drake’s “Jungle” Short Film and also Zedd’s, “Beautiful Now” video (over 65M views on Youtube).

Most recently, Kristof was the recipient of the Prizm Prize - Arthur Lipsett Award (this award was presented by MuchFACT, recognizes a Canadian music video artist for their innovative and unique approach to music video art).

The striking video, shot entirely in Trinidad, provides a four-minute escape into the lives of locals and features mesmerising dancers, fast-action motorcyclists. And yes… it definitely matches the intensity and creativity of the track.

“Start Up Yet” is being released by SpinCycled Entertainment Group Inc, an independent Music Label that Sanj founded and he’s recently partnered with Niraj Bhatia, a game-changer in his own right.

Sanj says,: “We’re in a very unique position at SpinCycled where we have the ability to manage global projects that fuse together film, music, fashion, and media, all under one umbrella!

“The release of ‘Start Up Yet’ is just the beginning of our global movement to meld together different cultures, traditions, and perspectives into art”.

Bhangra in Huddersfield: Exhibition explores history of traditional Indian dance

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bhangra huds museum art (800x532)

bhangra costumes (299x450)Discover Bhangra in Huddersfield

A postmaster from Huddersfield has delivered his latest gift to the town of Huddersfield this past month with an exciting exhibition looking into the past, present and future of Bhangra dancing.

When not stamping parcels, Hardeep Singh Sahota is out promoting the dance he loves, with his latest art exhibition - ‘Bhangra Renaissance’ – now on show at the Huddersfield Art Gallery.

Exploring the growth of Bhangra in Huddersfield and wider afield, the gallery includes a plethora of paintings, instruments and traditional dresses for visitors to view.

Workshops are also being held at the gallery to promote and develop an understanding of the traditional Indian dance in Kirklees.

Hardeep, who has a Masters Degree in the subject, says the exhibition is a continuation of the work he previously carried out.  He has also published a book on the subject two years ago - titled ‘Bhangra: Mystics, Music and Migration’.

“As I was putting the book together, I found myself approaching lots of artists to help illustrate it,” he said.

“I already had the words but I knew in my mind that it would be the pictures that really help people connect with the book.”

Hardeep was able to use pictures from local photographer, Tim Smith, as well as a selection of old archived images.

bhangra huds museum hardeep (800x532)

To further demonstrate the vibrant nature of Bhangra, he contacted artists from around the world to use images which he believed would add to the book.

“I saw a number of really stunning pieces online and had to contact artists to get the rights to use these images in my book,” he said.

“I quickly noticed that all these images needed showcasing on a larger platform. The art gallery gives people a unique opportunity to learn about Bhangra in Kirklees and see how it inspires different art forms. The book is a great starting point but this exhibition is exactly how the art should be displayed.”

He added: “Not all the pieces are done by professional artists though. They are joined on the walls by locally created pieces from art students and even my wife and I have created pieces.”

bhangra instrument huddersfield (800x532)

With ‘something for everyone’ on show, Hardeep urged people to visit the exhibition before it closes next month.

He said: “A lot of people will have heard about Bhangra but to see the story told visually really highlights the cultural aspect of it.

“There is some rich, colourful and vibrant artwork on show here and it is something completely new to Huddersfield. I’m sure you will love it.”

Bhangra Renaissance is a free exhibition that is open to the public and will run until Saturday 19th March.