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15-year-old schoolboy still fighting for his life after being stabbed multiple times

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The young Muslim schoolboy, 15, who was stabbed in the face, head and neck multiple times near a mosque in Small Heath, Birmingham, is still fighting for his life.

Meanwhile, an unemployed 29-year-old man who was arrested within 10-hours of the incident, has been charged with the attempted murder for the attack.

The young victim, who has been named as Syed Hassan Abbas, only just celebrated his 15th birthday just two days prior to the horrific attack, which took place around 1am on Saturday 30th September.

The incident occurred when the boy was dropped off at Maarif-e-Islam Hussainia Mosque by his father and brother, who went to park the car.

The venue was busy with people despite the late hour as worshippers celebrated Ashura - the religiously significant 10th day Muharram - of the first month of the Islamic calendar.

The teenager suffered life threatening injuries in the attack around the corner from the Idara Maarif-e-Islam Hussainia Mosque.

The victim's brother Syed Nedhi Abbas, 17, heard his father scream, 'Someone help me, my son's about to die’, and originally thought it had been a car accident.

Azhar Kiana, the president of the mosque, told the Birmingham Mail: “It happened on the pavement. By the time the dad parked his car his son was on the floor. He watched from a distance as a young man brutally beated the boy with a knife.

“There was blood everywhere, he was hitting the boy’s neck and head. Then the attacker ran off and got into a car,” said one witness.

Amjad Shah, the general secretary of the Hussainia Mosque, confirmed that the 15-year-old was a member of the congregation at the place of worship.

Mr Shah said: 'This was a cowardly and unprovoked attack and the victim is critically ill in hospital.

'The Board of Trustees and the entire community is praying for his swift recovery. Our sympathies are extended to the victim's family.'

Stressing that the motivation for the attack was not yet clear, Mr Shah added: “Background checks so far have not associated the suspect with any particular mosque or community.

“The Board of Trustees emphasises that whatever the motive behind this attack, it should not be sensationalised and neither used as a justification to spread hatred or incite violence.

“Hussainia Mosque will not tolerate the disturbance of the communal harmony between the various communities that share this geography.”

Samll Heath has been blighted with knife crime in the past few years, with a special campaign launched just last month to tackle gang culture.

Detective inspector Jim Colclough at Birmingham police, said: “Knife crime is priority for us and an investigation is underway to identify those responsible.

“This is a tragic event which has left a young boy in hospital fighting for his life so I’d urge anyone who was in the vicinity, saw what happened, or has any other information which may help our investigation to contact me or my team on 101 or to call Crimestoppers as soon as possible.”

The Birmingham attack was one of five which happened within two hours of each other across England on Saturday morning.

Bradford bike ride to show unity and respect for Manchester victims

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Bike ride to start in Bradford to show unity with Manchester following Ariana Grande attack in May

Over 100 cyclists are set to take part in a ‘unity and respect’ bike ride which will start in Bradford and finish in Manchester later this month.

The ride is due to take place on 29th July 2017 and has been organized to show support to the victims of the atrocious Manchester bombing which took place during an Ariana Grande concert at the city’s MEN Arena, killing 23 people and Injuring dozens more on May 22nd.

The ride has been organized by Rifaqat Ali, Bradford Community Coordinator in partnership with Shazia Awan, Manchester Community Coordinator in aid of the love Manchester emergency fund.

The Lord Mayor of Bradford will see the cyclists and support the depart from city park in Bradford at around 9AM. The cyclists will then move on to Halifax, Tormorden and Rochdale before arriving in Manchester at around 4:30 PM.

The cyclists will be greeted in Manchester by Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester who will receive a letter of civic greetings and a small gift on behalf of the Lord Mayor of Bradford.

Councilor Abid Hussain, Lord Mayor of Bradford, said: “Manchester and Bradford are two great cities with a very proud history. This bike ride shows how the people who live in Bradford want to stand in solidarity and support the victims of the Manchester attack. I want to thank all cyclists taking part in this ride.”

Rifaqat Ali, Bradford Community coordinator, said: “We have people from all faiths and communities, young and old coming together to take part in this ride. We all want to show how unity and respect are important in overcoming hate and violence.

“We also want to raise money for those who have been affected by the terrible events that took place in Manchester.”

LONDON MOSQUE ATTACK: “I want to kill all Muslims”

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HOLDING FAITH: Members of the congregation offered their Fajr prayers at the site of the attack this morning

HOLDING FAITH: Members of the congregation offered their Fajr prayers at the site of the attack this morning


Witnesses of mosque attack says the white man screamed “I've done my bit!" after ploughing car into worshippers killing one and injuring ten

  • One man dead as van hit worshippers leaving north London mosque
  • Police called at 12.20am to reports of a vehicle striking pedestrians in Seven Sisters Road
  • Van driver, 48, allegedly said "I did my bit"
  • Witnesses say van struck pedestrians who were helping an elderly man
  • "Senseless and evil attack" condemned by PM
  • Police confirm they are treating this as a terror attack

One man has been killed and eight injured after a white van ploughed into worshippers at a Finsbury Park mosque in an incident, which took place just after midnight on Monday.

According to an eyewitness, the suspect – a 48-year-old who was detained by onlookers before being arrested by police – screamed “I’m going to kill all Muslims”, before he was tackled to the floor outside the Muslim Welfare House on Seven Sisters Road.

It is said the Imam of the Muslim Welfare House stopped the angry crowd from beating the man whilst they held him down until police arrived and arrested him.

Abdulrahman Saleh Alamoudi who was among the group of people said he was one of the lucky ones who didn’t get hit, but those who did are mostly young people.

The van which ploughed into worshippers leaving the mosque

The van which ploughed into worshippers leaving the mosque


“He was screaming, he was saying, ‘I’m going to kill all Muslims, I’m going to kill all Muslims’. He was throwing punches,” says Mr Alamoudi.

“Then we managed to get him on the floor. Then he was saying, ‘Kill me, kill me’.

“I said, ‘We are not going to kill you. Why did you do that?’ He wouldn’t say anything.”

Another worshipper who wished to not be named said: “We are shocked when we heard the news because we were just having a good time. We were praying for peace and for Grenfell Tower.

“I can’t believe what just happened.”

Sajid Javid - Communities and Local Government Secretary was seen comforting a woman called Rhona while visiting Finsbury Park.

Speaking to news networks the woman, reveals she told the Cabinet minister "we're scared".

She says: "That's not just as a Muslim community, but as a community, we fear for our lives. I fear for my son, as a mother, to even send him to school. This is what it's come to.

"I don't feel that there's any kind of compassion coming our way."

She reveals she lives in Barking, where the London Bridge terrorists came from.

She says: "The disgusting things that disgusting vile animal did. Because he did it, now I've been tainted with that.

"I have been born here, this is my country. And every day I feel less and less part of it. It's not fair, it's not fair, why?

"And now my son, of course, has been born here and I fear for him growing up here. What do I do? Are we to be persecuted? Should we all just leave? Is that what it is?"

The Muslim Council of Britain has called the attack act of "Islamophobia".

The investigation is still ongoing and no further suspects have been identified.

 Killers on campus: Terrorist attack on Pakistan university kills 21

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pakistan shooting  cap2: BULLET MARKS: The walls of the university after the terrorist attack 

pakistan shooting
cap2: BULLET MARKS: The walls of the university after the terrorist attack

A gun and bomb attack on a university in north-west Pakistan, where 21 people were killed and 17 people were left injured, was ended by security forces on Tuesday.

The battle lasted nearly three hours at Bacha Khan University in Charsadda. Grenades and automatic weapons were used. Four suspected attackers also died in the gunfire.

One Pakistani Taliban commander said the group had carried out the assault, but its main spokesman denied this.

In 2014, the militant group killed 130 students at a school in the city of Peshawar, 30 miles from Charsadda.

At 9.30am in the morning on Wednesday, the attackers struck under the cover of thick winter fog. They climbed over a back wall and began their onslaught.

Intense gunfire and explosions were heard as security guards fought the attackers.

Khyam Mashal, a student at the university, was in the boys' hostel on the campus, where he lives, when the militants attacked.

He told CNN news that he was sleeping when a friend woke him to tell him that terrorists were attacking the school.

He says he was ‘shocked’ that the attackers had breached the school's security.

He said: “I looked through the window... there were two, three people firing, and I think they were the terrorists. I'm so afraid... my country is not safe. I'm not feeling comfortable.”

Pakistan observed a day of national mourning on Thursday for those killed in the attack.

All government buildings inside and outside the country flew their flags at half-mast, while prayer ceremonies were also held in the capital, Islamabad.

Prime Minister of Pakistan,  Nawaz Sharif has vowed a ‘ruthless’ response to the massacre and ordered security forces to hunt down those behind Wednesday’s attack.

He said in a statement: “We are determined and resolved in our commitment to wipe out the menace of terrorism from our homeland.”

RUTHLESS RESPONSE: PM of Pakistan has vowed to wipe out the menace of terrorism in his homeland

RUTHLESS RESPONSE: PM of Pakistan has vowed to wipe out the menace of terrorism in his homeland

DEVASTATING: Islamic State to blame for Turkey bomb attack

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ANGRY: Hundreds of people protested against the Turkish government following the Ankara bombing

ANGRY: Hundreds of people protested against the Turkish government following the Ankara bombing

Turkey’s government have labelled the Islamic State their prime suspect as they continue to investigate fatal suicide bombings which resulted in the deaths of at least 97 people in Ankara last weekend.

Two bomb blasts occurred just seconds apart from each other during a rally of pro-Kurdish activists and civic groups on Saturday 10th October near to the capital’s main train station.

The attack is the worst of its kind on Turkish soil and resulted in fierce protests from members of the public who have vented their anger at President Tayyip Erdogan.

Hundreds chanting anti-government slogans marched on a mosque in Istanbul following the blasts for the funerals of several victims with leaders of the  pro-Kurdish parliamentary opposition, Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), in attendance.

Opponents of the ruling party blamed Erdogan for the attack, accusing the state at best of intelligence failings and at worst of complicity by stirring up nationalist, anti-Kurdish sentiment.

The government, facing a growing Kurdish conflict at home and the spill-over of war in Syria, vehemently denies such accusations.

BLAME: President, Tayyip Erdogan, has been blamed by protestors for the bombing

BLAME: President, Tayyip Erdogan, has been blamed by protestors for the bombing

Turkey’s Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, said the attack had been carried out in an attempt to influence the outcome of November polls whereby Erdogan hopes to restore a majority for the ruling AK party. Officials say there is no question of postponing the vote.

“If you consider the way the attack happened and the general trend of it, we have identified Islamic State as the primary focus,” Davutoglu told Turkey's NTV television.

“It was definitely a suicide bombing...DNA tests are being conducted. It was determined how the suicide bombers got there. We're close to a name, which points to one group.”

The Haberturk newspaper has cited police sources as saying the type of explosive and the choice of target also pointed to a group within Islamic State known as the 'Adiyaman ones' - a reference to Adiyaman province in southeastern Turkey.

Turkey is vulnerable to infiltration by Islamic State, which holds swathes of Syrian land abutting Turkey where some two million refugees live.

But there has been no word from the group - usually swift to publicly claim responsibility for any attack it conducts - over the Ankara bombing or two very similar incidents earlier this year.

Destroying history

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SHOCKING: Artefacts dating back hundreds of years were destroyed by hammers, drills and bulldozers in Iraq recently by the Islamic State

SHOCKING: Artefacts dating back hundreds of years were destroyed by hammers, drills and bulldozers in Iraq recently by the Islamic State

IS militants target cultural sites in ‘catastrophic’ attack

The Islamic State have been accused of ‘defying the will of the world’ after militants attacked cultural landmarks across Iraq in videos uploaded to the internet in recent weeks.

In the initial footage at the country’s Mosul museum, statues are shown being smashed and pushed to the ground, whilst other items are hacked at with sledgehammers and drills.

Later, another group of militants are seen in bulldozers at the capital of the biblical kingdom of Assyria, Nimrud, where again antiquities are destroyed.

is destroy ornaments (643x431)

The country’s antiquities ministry slammed the actions of those involved in the destruction of attractions dating back more than 700 years.

“Daesh (IS) terrorist gangs continue to defy the will of the world and the feelings of humanity,” a statement read.

“In a new crime in their series of reckless offences they assaulted the ancient city of Nimrud and bulldozed it with heavy machinery, appropriating the archaeological attractions dating back 13 centuries BC.”

The extremists are reportedly targeting the sites as they claim that their interpretation of Islam calls for the statues and relics to be destroyed. Despite this, there has been huge condemnation from Muslim clerics around the world.

is hit statue (800x580)

As well as their ‘religious beliefs’, the group have also been stealing and looting artefacts which are then traded illegally as a way of funding the group’s activities.

The head of Unesco, the United Nations’ cultural organisation, Irina Bokova, said she had alerted the UN security council to the ‘catastrophe’.

“This is yet another attack against the Iraqi people, reminding us that nothing is safe from the cultural cleansing underway in the country,” she said.

RESPONSE: Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, helped officially reopen the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad last week

RESPONSE: Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, helped officially reopen the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad last week

“It targets human lives, minorities, and is marked by the systematic destruction of humanity’s ancient heritage.”

Amongst the many items destroyed in the film footage, was a giant marble winged bull that previously formed part of the entrance gates to the city of Mosul. A similar model is also on display at the British Museum having been extricated a number of years ago.

In response to the attacks, Iraq reopened the National museum of Iraq which had been closed for the past 12 years since the US-led invasion in 2003.