The journey and start of Thalassaemia Relief came from the founder Adam Khan.

Research in Pakistan shows that up to 900,000 children are born with thalassaemia in the country, a disease which can be treated but many are unable to pay for.

Thalassaemia is the name for a group of inherited conditions that affect a substance in the blood called haemoglobin.

People with thalassaemia produce either no or too little haemoglobin, which is used by red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body. This can make them very anaemic (tired, short of breath and pale).

It mainly affects people of Mediterranean, south Asian, southeast Asian and Middle Eastern origin.

Adam Khan believes he can help. “It all began from stories heard and facts, seeing of how underprivileged children are suffering, with most unable to pay for treatment,” says Adam.

“Interacting with patients, and sitting with haematologists, having friends with the disease, having an in-depth understating of the condition and its devastating impact has moved me to raise awareness and help treat people with this condition.”

With the assistance of a volunteer, also a thalassaemia patient, Adam set up his charity – Thalassaemia Relief; which works with the Amna Jahagheer Thalassaemia Centre in Kotli, Pakistan.

Bilal and Adam have worked tirelessly to create awareness of this treatable disease and fundraise for treatment.

“As the team got bigger we had more patients volunteering, which has helped the charity grow,” adds Adam.

“The last six months has been a great journey – from starting with six patients we have now over 50 patients receiving 100% long term blood transfusions and iron chelation medicines.

“We provide blood transfusions, blood tests, iron chelation medicine, food, transport, blood camps, medical equipment, specialist appointments and raise awareness of the condition.

“We’re working with the Amna Jahangheer Thalassaemia Centre (Kotli), Azad Kashmir, and almost all of the patients being treated are at this centre. They are so poor that they can not afford to pay for basic care, and we take care of this matter.

“We welcome your donations. Big or small – every donation will go supporting a child with accessing vital treatment.”

If you’d like to donate, you can make a donation to:
Thalassemia Relief
Sort code 60-83-01
Account number 20463342