Vishaal Vijapura

He identified his victims online and even paid for online services such as ancestry records in order to obtain their names and full address details

A man who stalked and terrorised 121 victims online by posting graphic threats of sexual violence along with their details has been jailed.

Vishaal Vijapura, 28, of Shirley, Croydon, was sentenced at Croydon Crown Court to two years and eight months’ imprisonment. He also received a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for a term of five years.

Vijapura identified the victims online and then followed this up by paying for online services such as ancestry records in order to obtain their names and full address details.

He then published online containing the victim’s personal details, as well as a short essay attempting to justify raping the women, more victims came to light during the intense police investigation.

On many other occasions, Vijapura took the victims images from their personal social media profiles and published these with a rhetoric stating that the victims enjoyed outlandish sexual gratification, he also published posts online of them with their personal details encouraging serious sexual violence against them.

Vijapura sent many of the victims direct messages containing vile and horrific topics with sexualised themes throughout.

In some instances he paid an ancestry website in order to obtain even more detailed personal information relating to the victims and their families.

Since receiving the initial allegations, detectives carried out a complex investigation involving the forensic analysis of many devices in order the gain the necessary evidence to place Vijapura before the courts.

Detective Inspector Paul Smith, from the South Area Public Protection Unit, said: “The dedication and commitment from the officers working on the case, with national support from colleagues across the UK, has meant that Vijapura can no longer put these victims at fear of violence.

“Some of the victims police have contacted were too scared to venture out alone after the threats received from Vijapura.

“The internet is now a safer place with future proofing against ongoing offending from this man in the form of a custodial sentence. This kind of criminality is dangerous and offensive and will absolutely not be tolerated.

“The victims in the case have shown great strength in coming forward. They have supported the investigation and provided evidence of how Vijapura’s misogynistic behaviour has deeply affected their lives. It is wholly right that he has received a custodial sentence.

Anybody who may have further evidence relating to this case or who may need support should contact DI Paul Smith of the South Area Public Protection Unit by calling 101.