ProCook has unveiled additions to its bakeware range in an exciting collaboration with The Great British Bake Off 2020 semi-finalist Hermine Dossou.

The newest high-quality baking products, including Non-Stick Loose Bottom Shallow Cake tins and Non-Stick Heart Springform tins, contribute to an already exceptional range of bakeware, from mixing bowls and specialist utensils to rolling pins and cake decorating equipment.

On ProCook bakeware range, Hermine said: “In baking, your choice of equipment makes a huge difference to the outcome of your dish.

“When you’ve gone to the trouble of choosing high-quality ingredients, the tools you use are equally important to ensure your cake unmoulds perfectly and that your sourdough bread slices beautifully.

“I choose to use ProCook products because you get a balance between quality and price.”

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The Great British Bake Off 2020 semi-finalist Hermine shares Three ‘Setting Up to Succeed’ Tips to ensure a perfect bake

  1. It’s important to bake with good quality tins to ensure your bakes unmoulds beautifully. ProCook’s Non-Stick Loose Bottom Shallow Cake Tins do a great job at this, without having to butter or flour them first.
  2. Whenever I’m making a sponge that I want to be particularly light and fluffy, I find that substituting a third of the flour weight with cornflour makes a big difference.
  3. A good palette knife will help you spread the cream and smooth the edges. I find that ProCook’s Palette Knives are long enough to work with a tall bake and have a wide surface to make the job of spreading buttercream a piece of cake!