A Great British Spring clean event is set to take place with staff volunteers from two of the Bradford McDonald’s, owned and operated by Saj Shah, a local Bradford-born businessman, on Monday 23rd March.

The event is in partnership with Bradford City Council and other local community interest groups, all with a shared interest of keeping their community tidy.

McDonald’s franchisee Saj Shah said: “I’m really proud of my team for giving their time and efforts to do their bit for our fellow residents. McDonald’s is committed to fighting litter in our local communities and we are really happy with the difference we make to the areas around my Bradford restaurants.

“Let’s come together to make a real difference and use this event as a springboard to improve the future for our current and future generations across Bradford.”

McDonald’s crew members have been cleaning up litter dropped in our local communities for over 35 years.

Crews across the UK cover a total of 3,000 miles each week on litter patrols (where they collect litter from any origin, not just their own) This equates to 150,000 miles, or the distance of FOUR marathons per restaurant per year.

“We are tackling litter in our local communities, both by litter picking and reducing the amount of waste its restaurants produce,” adds Saj.

“As a company, we have set ourselves the target of sending zero waste to landfill with many restaurants having already achieved this over the last three years.”

For over a decade, McDonald’s delivery fleet has been powered with biodiesel from recycled cooking oil, a move that saves nearly seven thousand tonnes of CO2 emissions every year compared to traditional fleets.

The delivery lorries are 100 per cent powered by biodiesel, 40 per cent of which is taken from used cooking oil sourced from McDonald’s UK restaurants. This all contributes to making the distribution fleet one of the most environmentally friendly in the UK.

In addition to this locally Saj’s staff and customer look to recycle their food and paper waste through the recycling units that are situated within the restaurants. They actively play a part in an exciting new programme Greener Girlington looking at what other way local businesses and residents can effect a real change in the environment where we all work and live

Should anyone wish to get involved in the event please contact the Community Relations Manager Samina Shah via samina.shah32@gmail.com.