• Reddit users have shared the eye-opening antics of their awful flatmates in stomach-churning gallery
  • Fur and mould grows on left over pasta and sinks so grimy that you’d gip whilst cleaning
  • Others show rooms so cluttered, it’d be a mission to find anything

When it comes to bad housemates, most of us can share a story to tell. However, these nauseous pictures reveal the horrors of living with the worlds worst flatmates who hate to clean.

Reddit users, from all over the world, have shared the eye-opening antics of their awful flatmates in an astonishing gallery.

The pictures show filth-encrusted toilets to leftover pasta dishes crawling with mould. While other photos show bedrooms with clothes strewn across the floor and another room with beer cans and cigarettes lining the carpet.

Femail share some of the most disgusting pictures that Reddit users have taken.

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Gross! This pasta dish must have been sitting in the kitchen for a while as mould and even fur had grown on it.
This repulsive image shows a clogged up bathroom sink covered with dirt, mould and discarded plastic bottles.
This flatmate was using the floor as a wardrobe and even has plates and food in the messy mix.
This takes working form home to a new level – beer cans are littered across the bedroom, along with cigarettes. Can you imagine the smell?
This image was shared by one person whose flatmates left their toilet for so long without cleaning it, it turned black with mould.
Obviously someone’s has quite a few soft drinks!
Tea bags placed on the window ledge, growing fungus and staining the surface area and wall.
Bed covers stripped, rubbish an even the TV is on the floor.
One housemate decided to sample more than one doughnut, leaving the remains in the box. Nice!

A sprouting potato in a kitchen cupboard, not what you’d expect to find when looking for beans.