Cyber bullying

An estimated 5.43 million young people in the UK have experienced cyber bullying, with 1.26 million subjected to extreme cyber bullying on a daily basis.

According to the NSPCC, there were over 12,000 counselling sessions with young people who talked to Childline about online issues last year, with an 87% increase in sessions over the past three years.

Enigma Digital Limited works with families all across the UK to restore peace of mind to parents that are worried about their children being bullied by providing Enigma Recovery, the number one smartphone data recovery solution provider that allows users to retrieve stolen or deleted data.

With Enigma Recovery, parents can recover deleted data from devices, such as text messages, contacts, calls and more. This may help parents find out what is troubling their child, and help obtain evidence should the bullying be reported.

Often, authorities like schools and even the police, will not be able to progress further with bullying claims without evidence, and Enigma Recovery can help parents retrieve exactly that in the form of text messages, WhatsApp messages, images, videos and much more.

Please find attached a press release, as well as a PDF Guide On Dealing With Cyber Bullying and how to keep your child safe online. You can also find this information on their dedicated landing page >


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