Pats on the back all-round as almost £53,000 was raised during Ramadan through cake sales and donations for a blind school and orphanage in Pakistan

The Bradford due behind the phenomenal total are Abdul Satar and Amjad Akram whose fabulous fudge cake sales will fund the lives of innocent blind children and orphans.

The pair have worked for numerous years for AKAB school for the blind, a children’s charity in Pakistan giving hope to blind orphans.

Abdul Satar, who runs the Office Furniture Company, in Sunbridge Road, and Amjad Akram, of LetzTalk phone shop, in Great Horton Road, were the main people behind the collection and distribution of the fudge cakes.

The cakes were bought by wholesale at Sea Fresh products, in Bradford, and sold for £10 each as well as donations given to the sweet fundraising activity.  

The men used their own vehicles and petrol to pick up and deliver the cakes all around West and South Yorkshire, as well as parts of Lancashire to ensure all profits go to the charity.

They even paid for their own t-shirts advertising the charity and had posters printed.

Having made over £20,000 on the sale of cakes the rest of the money came from generous donations.

Mr Satar was overjoyed with the response for the charity given its size and the importance on the help AKAB needs to carry on and the money made has already been given to make an immediate effect.