Asian mum in the bridal industry puts together valuable “pocket guide” on how to plan the big day

As a British Asian working mother and business entrepreneur Gurj Bancil is passionate about her culture.  A few years back Gurj realised customs and traditions have always been an important part of every religion and culture.

Born and raised in the midlands Gurj has been in the weddings and events industry for over ten-years. She decided it was time she put together a guide for brides and grooms planning their Sikh wedding, with hints and tips on how to follow traditions and add their own twist to their special event.

Whilst she was helping families and couples arrange and plan their special day,  she was being asked questions on the basic traditions.

Gurj commented: ‘‘I have been in the weddings and events industry for over a decade now.

“Working with clients designing their wedding cards, special occasion cards, weddings and events, clients would  ask questions on how to carry out certain traditions.”

“I’d be asked questions like what items to give at a certain ceremony or ‘what’s the letter you give to the groom’s side when you give the wedding card’.

“I then thought today’s generation do not have an idea of what to do and how to do a Sikh wedding, so I started putting pen to paper and began my research.

“With the aid of my wedding video, family and friend’s weddings and my knowledge, I finalised my book ‘Traditions: A Pocket Guide To A Sikh Punjabi Wedding’.”

“It is a great informative book for families and couples who are planning their marriage, bringing alive the Punjabi traditions with a step-by-step guide which will help all generations.

“At the same time the book will create quality family togetherness everyone wants it, but it seems increasingly harder to achieve as people want to choose the easier option hence losing the tradition.”