Transport Minister John Hayes has announced a £3.75 million scheme to encourage the uptake of low-emission motorcycles and scooters.

The grant will allow buyers of low-emission bikes to get discounts of up to 20 per cent of the bike’s retail price, up to a maximum discount of £1,500.

The scheme is part of a huge government investment in low-emission vehicles, which has also seen £30 million invested in charging infrastructure and £2 million awarded to organisations that use hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Hayes said: “No matter what mode of transport you need – a scooter to get to work, a car or a van to run your business – we are here to help you do it with zero emissions.

“The number of ultra-low emission vehicles on our roads are at record levels and new registrations have risen by 250% in just over two years. We are committing £35 million to help install new charge points and offer new grants as we aim for nearly all cars and vans on our roads to be zero-emission by 2050.”

Steve Kenward, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, welcomed the investment, saying: “This opens the door to zero-emission transport to people who have not been able to afford electric cars, which tended to have been a ‘lifestyle choice’.

“Motorcycles and scooters are an extremely accessible form of electric transport and have the capacity to significantly reduce congestion, since they share all the advantages of riding a regular powered two-wheeler.”