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Ten years ago, Prity’s Hair and Beauty Salon launched their first range of beauty products, relying on natural and herbal ingredients to give customers the quality they deserve.

Today, as the brand continues to expand with more creams, oils and lotions launching, it is these same principles that have helped the skincare business grow into an industry stalwart.

Founder and owner, Prity Farooq, says she would never opt to use any chemical or synthetic ingredients due to their harsh side effects.

“Every one of our products, whether it’s the age-defying face cream or soothing body milk, is produced with only 100 per cent natural products,” she explained.

“Not only are these ingredients full of nourishment and powerful anti-oxidants, they also do not harm the skin.

“Manufactured chemicals, on the other-hand, can cause irritations and skin allergies in the short term. Looking on further, they also put the user at risk of premature aging due to their toxic ingredients.”

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There is a major difference between ‘feel good’ and ‘do good’ products, with Prity’s always opting for the latter.

Their expansive selection of skincare products will not only leave your skin glowing but will be beneficial for many years to come.

Herbs are freshly plucked from the Himalayas and ground up in age-old Ayurvedic recipes – a technique which has been used for over a thousand years.

Prity added: “All the products we sell under the Prity’s brand are the exact same products we use in our salons.

“It is the natural look which we aim to give every customer and that can only be achieved with the use of natural ingredients.

“A lot of time and investment has taken place in the research of everything we use and sell, to guarantee the authenticity and effectiveness of the Prity brand.”

Call in to Prity’s Hair and Beauty Salon this month and discover your natural beauty.


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