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The Steaks have never been higher

One of Batley’s oldest supermarkets has been enjoying a new lease of life in recent months, with Mullaco’s Cash and Carry proving a real hit with clientele.

The site was previously used as the store’s warehouse, stocking huge quantities of goods from all over the world. However, with only the smaller Wellington Street establishment selling the wares, there were always surplus products being stored.

With demand from customers rising in recent years, the decision was taken to convert the former storage site into a state-of-the-art cash and carry and the response has been enormous.

Headed by an expansive HMC-certified halal cutting plant, the site provides all the usual Mullaco favourites, alongside a huge meat aisle.


Owner, Yousuf Mulla, says he has been delighted with the response from new and old customers who have been full of praise for the new look Mullaco.

“To make this site into what it is today took a large investment on our behalf yet it is already starting to pay off,” he said. “We have been here just 18 months and word-of-mouth has spread across the country.

“The reputation we have built via the Mullaco store over the past 40 years has allowed us to hit the ground running with this site as we continue to develop our business model.

SONY DSC“We were named Halal Butchers of the Year in 2013 and take pride in continuing to live up to our billing.”

As well as selling the finest cuts of meat and fresh poultry from their in-house butcher, products are also packaged in-store, using the latest hi-tech machinery.

This has allowed for the creation of ready-to-takeaway cuts for customers, which have proved popular with locals and those placing online orders.

Yousuf added: “We have made it so customers can not only purchase cuts of meat from our butchers, but can call in and pick up a ready-made packet like they would in any major supermarket.

“Recently, we have begun stocking a larger quantity of higher quality meat with the Aberdeen Angus really taking off.”

Sourced from local Yorkshire farms, the lean cuts are packed with flavour and texture and are available in a variety of forms.

Why not opt for the hand-pressed burger, with maximum taste and succulence packed in, or your favourite Aberdeen Angus steak – including Fillet, Sirloin and Rib Eye.

“Our unique packaging means we do not have to freeze our meat like other Asian supermarkets. They are maintained at the same fresh temperature for up to 48 hours,” Yousuf explained.

“This allows our meats to remain with their optimum taste for customers to take home and serve up to restaurant-standard.”

Products have been shipped as far as Saudi Arabia and Dubai in recent weeks whilst UK residents can take advantage of guaranteed next-day-delivery on orders placed by 10am.

If you can’t wait that extra day, simply call into the cash and carry yourself and see for yourself why Mullaco are the king of meats.

SONY DSCMullaco House,

Wellington Street,


West Yorkshire,

WF17 5BH

Tel: 01924 663399

Web: www.mullaco.com

Email: info@mullaco.com

Opening times:

Mon-Sat, 9am-7pm, Sun, 11am-5pm