nyra banerjee 1 (300x450)Sunny Leone’s most awaited movie ‘One Night Stand’, directed by Jasmine D’Souza is all set to release soon and it’s created quite the hype.

Although the filmmakers haven’t revealed much about the plot but buzz is that the movie relates to those belonging to the glamour world.

Alongside the sizzling former adult-film star Sunny is another female lead – Nyra Banerjee, who’s oozing passion about her debut role. We interview the actress and ask her about sharing screen space with Sunny Leone, future projects and much more.

What’s your role in ‘One Night Stand’? What made you choose it?

I’m playing one of the two female leads in the film and my role is a woman of substance. The multi-dimensional conflicts surrounding the film per se has been rarely dealt with in Hindi cinema. The movie has a huge scope for me to showcase a spectrum of emotions.

Do you fear that you would be overshadowed by Sunny Leone?

I’m confident of having portrayed my emotions powerfully and convincingly. As my role is equally challenging and distinct from Sunny’s, I don’t harbour any fears. I’m sure I’ll be appreciated.

Do you believe ‘One Night Stand’ is your ideal debut and what did your parents think?

Well, I think the role is definitely applaud fetching! About my parents – do you mean as a bold  theme? Well, me as an actor and my mother as a writer, we artists need to wellspring our artistic talents and insights to embrace such themes.

What talents do you bring to the industry?

I love dancing and I’ve always wanted to be an all rounder, so I believe I’m a thinker, a singing star, a good dancer and want to be a renowned actor.

If given an opportunity, would you have a one night stand?

Opportunity? Well, I will have to think about that…

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