ENTRY: Free Live Performances on 15th November 2014 – 3pm, 5pm, 7.30pm

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The long-running argument about full-face veils has called for a national debate by the Home Office Minister Jeremy Brown – but do we really need one?

An inspiring and unique inter-generational, national piece of work, which features a range of Muslim women’s voices will be showcasing a digital art installation in Leeds this weekend on this subject.

Mama Quilla – a predominantly female, culturally diverse theatre company that creates and performs work about female focused issues of the day and brings ‘Veil’ to the Holbeck Underground Ballroom (Hub) on Saturday 15th November.

While protecting the identities, ‘Veil has researched the lives and stories of women from Leeds, Bradford , Manchester and London.  It reveals the depth and subtleties very often hidden from the mainstream or non-Muslim viewpoint.

Written by Kay Adshead, the project stemmed from the rising fact that many British Muslim women had an urgent voice, which needed to be heard about their lives.

The installation, which can be visited all day, includes three short live performances which allows the audience to step into the shoes of these women’s lives.

Kully Thiarai has directed this installation, who decided to collaborate Shanaz Gulzar – a digital installation artist with a growing national and international recognition for making public interactions.