Bradford East MP, David Ward, has surveyed over 2,500 businesses in Bradford and discovered that a significant 36.22 per cent thought that leaving the EU would have direct negative effects for their company with an overwhelming 84 per cent of those surveyed believing that staying in the EU would be in Britain’s best interests.

The results from David’s business survey also show that measures introduced by the Liberal Democrats in Government have been significantly beneficial to businesses in Bradford.

David Ward MP and Edward Macmillan-Scot MEP at Heera Jewellers bw
David’s survey was sent to over 2,500 businesses from a variety of different industries across his Bradford East constituency. The survey asked a range of questions on significant issues that might affect business in Bradford.

The businesses survey ranged from those who had 0-250 employees and included businesses from an assortment of sectors such as retail, textiles, process and manufacturing and construction.

The results from the survey showed that, of businesses who answered:

• An overwhelming 84.17 per  cent believe that staying in the EU would be in Britain’s best interests.

• 36.22 per cent think that if Britain left the EU this would directly negatively affect their business, and in some cases even cause their business to close.

• 60.19 per cent believe that Britain should focus on building further trade links with the EU/the European Economic Area.

The survey also revealed just how beneficial measures introduced by the Liberal Democrats in Government were for businesses:

• 71.3 per cent feel that the Regional Growth Fund, set to give grants to growing businesses to invest in particular projects, will support their business.

• A huge 88 per cent said that the £2000 cut in National Insurance contributions will help their business.

• And 67 per cent said that the £1500 grant to help take on an apprentice will be beneficial for their business.

Commenting David said: “It was great to survey local businesses to find out their views on issues that affect businesses and jobs in Bradford. It’s clear from the survey results that the UK’s membership of the EU is vital for jobs and businesses in Bradford.

“The Liberal Democrats are the only main Party that are firmly supporting Britain’s place in the EU. Our strong support for membership does not mean we think that the European Union is perfect – continued reform is necessary and we have already achieved reforms such as securing an historic cut to the EU budget.

“However, as this survey shows, the benefits of the UK being within the European Union are unquestionable. Around half our trade and nearly half of our foreign direct investment comes from other EU member states, 3.5 million UK jobs are linked to our trade with the EU and our membership of the EU brings an average net benefit of a whopping £3000 for every household each year.

“The surveys also show that several measures the Liberal Democrats have implemented in government to aid businesses have been extremely significant for businesses in Bradford and have encouraged growth.

“I will continue to coordinate and work with businesses and the local community in Bradford to make sure I bring about a stronger economy for my constituents.”

Commenting Yorkshire and Humber MEP, Edward Macmillan-Scott said: “The business survey from David shows that we cannot ignore the message from major employers about how important the EU is for jobs and growth.

“Also a major survey by The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) in November last year showed that eight out of ten British companies want to stay in the EU. Both claim that leaving Europe would put millions of British jobs at risk.

“In addition, a YouGov poll showed that 4,641 businesses in Yorkshire & Humber would be forced to close if the UK pulls out, resulting in potential job losses of up to 124,790.

“These figures are just a reminder of how important the EU is for Britain and why the Liberal Democrats are on the winning side of what’s right for Britain. Even though we agree that the EU needs reforms, we are the party on the side of business. We are the party of ‘in’.”