The NHS App is a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services and information on your smartphone or tablet.

Millions of people are already using the NHS App to manage their health the easy way from the comfort of their homes.

Whether viewing your GP health record, ordering repeat prescriptions, or nominating your preferred pharmacy – the NHS App hosts a range of features that make it easier to access NHS services and information.

Lalit Mohan Joshi has found the 24/7 accessibility of the NHS App especially useful and has been using it to keep up to date with different aspects of his health alongside his busy lifestyle: “You can get so much information on the app, at your fingertips,” says Lalit.

Lalit Mohan Joshi

“It has records of your NHS official letters, details of hospital appointments, and even general information about symptoms and conditions if you’re worried about something.

“I find it easy to navigate as well, so it’s easy to find what you need – I always recommend the NHS App to my friends and family. You can use it while you’re sitting on the sofa, on the bus, in your lunch break, wherever you have your phone! You can search on your phone to see if you already have the app, or simply download it from the App Store or Google Play.”

Saima Iftikhar has had the NHS App on her phone since the COVID-19 pandemic when she, like many others, downloaded it to access vaccination certificates for travel abroad.

Saima Iftikhar

Saima forgot she had the app but was recently reminded about it by her GP and has since used it for lots of different things.

“As a telecoms engineer I’m out and about a lot so I don’t have time to make lots of calls to my GP surgery and so on.

“I’ve used the NHS App to view my GP health record and medication information, get test results and even order repeat prescriptions to my local pharmacy. Rather than waiting on the phone to speak to someone, I can get the information quickly and directly, at a time that suits me – and even if I’m in another country.

“I’ve also found it really helpful for alerts about upcoming appointments so I don’t miss them, which is really important when you’re a busy person. It’s so simple to use, it saves me time and it makes me feel much more in control of my own health.”

Start using the app today. For more information, including how to download the NHS App, please visit or scan the QR code below: