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INDIA: Modi’s pledge to lead the country by consensus must not...

Picture: Credit: Jholawala Films - Aakar Patel - Amnesty International “There is also not a single Muslim...

Chancellor Sajid Javid QUITS in retaliation to Boris Johnson’s orders

In a shock move, Sajid Javid has resigned as chancellor of the exchequer as Boris Johnson carries out a cabinet reshuffle.

Pakistan sentences former military leader Pervez Musharraf to death

Pakistan’s former military leader General Pervez Musharraf has been sentenced to death at a special court hearing in Islamabad.

Labour launches ambitious Race and Faith Manifesto

Jeremy Corbyn, Dawn Butler and Diane Abbott will launch Labour’s Race and Faith Manifesto tomorrow (Tuesday 26 November) at the Bernie Grant...

Twitter ban on all political ads gets harsh criticism

Twitter has announced plans to ban all political advertising to stop the spread of misleading news on its social media platform.

Who’s in PM Boris Johnson’s new cabinet?

PM Boris Johnson says it's the "beginning of a new golden age" As he made his first Commons...

Politics in India cinema: “I’m not here to solve problems” says...

Shah Rukh Khan may be the king of modern Bollywood, but don't ask the superstar to rule on whether Pakistani actors should be allowed...