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Bradford’s Bangladeshi bake-off

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WINNER: The Lord Mayor of Bradford, Cllr Geoff Reid, was on hand to present prizes to the contestants

WINNER: The Lord Mayor of Bradford, Cllr Geoff Reid, was on hand to present prizes to the contestants

Showcasing the skills and talents of Yorkshire’s first generation

A cultural event, aimed at showcasing the talents of Yorkshire’s first-generation of Bangladeshi women, has been hailed a ‘huge success’ by organisers, after the ‘bake off’ arrived in Bradford.

On Saturday 26th November, women from across the city showcased their baking talents as a delectable mix of sweet and savoury dishes were served up at the city’s first Pitha Mela.

Held at the Shapla Community Hall, in Manningham, traditional delights, including, coconut samosas, bapas and boras, were cooked up and served in the first event of its kind.

Judges for the day included the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Bradford, Cllr Geoff Reid and Mrs Chris Reid.

Humayun Islam, who organised the event in affiliation with the BEAP Community Partnership, was delighted to ‘shine a light on some of the city’s most talented ladies’.

“The day was all about showcasing the skills of women from Bradford’s Bangladeshi community, highlighting the unique talents they possess,” he said.

“As well as presenting prizes for first, second and third place, the ladies were also able to sell so much of the food that they made, demonstrating entrepreneurial skills.

“It was such a success that by the end of the day, women were already talking about how to make the event even bigger next year.”

CELEBRATIONS: Bradford’s Bangladeshi community turned out in huge numbers for the city’s first every Pitha Mela

CELEBRATIONS: Bradford’s Bangladeshi community turned out in huge numbers for the city’s first every Pitha Mela

Representatives from the Bradford Bulls Foundation also called down on the day to show their support to the local project, alongside other community groups.

Winners of the bake off were presented with a stainless steel set of cutlery as well as a dinner set.

Humayun added: “We are in a position today where the first generation of Bangladeshi women who came to Bradford are still living here in the city.

“They have so much to offer to the city as a whole and this event showcased some of their unique abilities which we cannot simply lose.

“A big thank you has to go out to all the people who helped make the event possible, and of course the women and children who came down on the day.”

The spirit’s still strong over 30 years on

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PRESENTATIONS: Thirty years later, the group are still making an impact on their local community

PRESENTATIONS: Thirty years later, the group are still making an impact on their local community

Bangladeshi Youth Organisation recognised for its work in the community

On Thursday 2nd June, children, young people and local residents showed off their amazing awards at the Bangladeshi Youth Organisation - BYO -presentation event.

The turnout from the community was ‘fantastic’, with approximately 200 children, young people and elders turning out to show their support for the registered charity, which was formed by new arrivals of Bangladeshi people into the UK.

The presentation event was chaired by BYO Board Member Abdul Karim.

Centre Manager and founding member of the group - Faz Haq - highlighted the history of the BYO; how it all started from youths meeting in a cellar of a terraced house back in 1982, to the current premises on the bottom of Cornwall Road.

Mr Haq also underlined the success it has had over the years, with pioneering Manningham Housing Association, Heart Smart Project, Bradford Study Support Network and the contribution the group has made to many other partnership projects that have been delivered for the community.

Cllr Imran Khan, portfolio holder for Education, Employment and Skills, praised the work at BYO, after presenting certificates to local residents and young people for successfully completing level two Food Hygiene, and Health and Safety at work.

Local dignitaries like Cllr Arshad Hussain, Cllr David Green, Nazakat Ali, Bhulla Singh, Heather Wilson, Faz Haq and Akadus Ali also presented certificates at the event.

Former Bradford City player, Wayne Jacobs, presented medals to the excited BYO Junior football team for all the progress they have made over the past year.

Mohammed Joynal, Projects Manager at BYO said: “It is amazing to see such a great turnout from the community, young and old. We serve a real cross section of the community and it’s lovely to see them all here.

“Congratulations to all those who were awarded certificates for their commitment and hard work in the various training courses they have completed. I would also like to thank the volunteers and those who provided resources and funding, particularly Lloyds Bank Foundation and Bradford Council and Council for Mosques, the Khidmat Centre.”

Asian students ‘more likely to go to uni’

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Sheffield University Graduation Day, Sheffield, Britain - 14 Jan 2010Analysis shows Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani students more likely to enter higher education

An analysis from the Institute for Fiscal Studies Students shows that white British pupils on average are the least likely ethnic group to go to university.

The study says the proportion of ethnic minority youngsters going to university is "very high on average".

The study, which looks at the differences in terms of social background as well as ethnicity, shows that youngsters from Chinese and Indian backgrounds are the most likely to enter higher education.

Report authors Claire Crawford and Ellen Greaves say that the difference is greater than any previous gap in exam results, suggesting there must be "other factors that are more common amongst ethnic minority families than amongst white British families".

The report found that white British pupils from the poorest families were the least likely to go to university, but almost as high a proportion of the poorest Indian youngsters went to university as the wealthiest white British pupils.

Asian students ‘more likely to go to uni’ (800x533)

University entry rates

Poorest Average
White British 12.8 32.6
Black African 53.1 56.6
Black Caribbean 29.9 37.4
Indian 53.3 67.4
Pakistani 36.4 44.7
Bangladeshi 45.3 48.8
Chinese 65.5 75.7