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Fantastic results for Allerton Grange under new grading system

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This year has seen the introduction of a new grading system for English and Maths GCSE results across England. Since Ofqual officially announced the new system would be introduced from 2017, staff at Allerton Grange have been busy preparing students for the new qualifications and translating what the changes mean for teaching and learning.

The new grading structure is not directly equivalent to the old A* - G system, however grade 4 and above is equivalent to grade C and above, which is the widely accepted benchmark for further education providers and employers. Going forward, it will be more difficult to achieve the highest grade of 9, which now includes some work that has previously been taught at A Level.

Following the new grading structure for English and Maths GCSEs, the results for Allerton Grange show rapid progress in student achievement for all abilities.

Over the last twelve months, on average, students have improved by two full grades in English, and one and a half grades in Maths.

Excellent outcomes have been achieved across all subjects in the Arts, including Art & Photography, Drama, Music and Technology. Languages have equally achieved well above national average results in French, German, Spanish and Urdu.

Congratulations to George, Anna, Kiera and Niall, who all achieved the highest grade of 9 under the new grading system for English and Maths, along with a number of A* and A grades in other subjects. They are joining Allerton Grange Sixth Form and plan to study a range of A Level courses including Maths, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and Spanish.

Our DAHIT (Deaf and Hearing Impairment Team) students also received pleasing results; Amaan scored five A*- C grades and Ese achieved top grades in all of her subjects, including As and a 7 in double Science and Maths respectively.

Allerton Grange Schools’ Headteacher, Mr Mike Roper, said, “We are extremely pleased that, under the new grading system, our results show rapid progress for our students in both English and Maths.

“Allerton Grange is a school that supports each individual student to achieve their full potential, no matter their ability level or starting point. Therefore, we welcome the new structure that focuses more on progress.

“Our strengths lie in high standards of teaching, focusing on differentiated learning, which stretches and challenges all abilities, achieving progress for our students. I am proud of their achievements and look forward to welcoming them back into the Sixth Form in September.”

Thirst for learning: Celebration of academic commitment at Allerton Grange

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Student at a Leeds school were beaming with joy after they collected their recognition awards to honour their commitment to learning and embodiment of school values.

Allerton Grange School’s annual awards evenings began with the Key Stage 3 event, recognising the progress made by individual students across each academic subject.

Teachers from across subject areas presented the students with their awards, with an audience of other students and their families, at the special event in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the school.

Students who had really stood out included those with a thirst for learning and the drive to make excellent progress, as well as those with special talents and others who not only lead by example, but supported other students in the process.

Progress and Welfare Managers Jen Green, for Year 7, and Sabiah Altaf, for Year 8, rounded off the evening with a host of Special Awards, decided by the Year Teams.

These included Best All-rounder, Star Student and Start Student Leader, as well as the honorary Lewis Crookes Award, named after a former student who sadly passed away in 2006, in recognition of students who have overcome significant challenges but who continue to apply themselves to learning.

£1,000 Shoebox! Allerton Grange High School saves up for Syria

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ACHIEVEMENT: Head Teacher Mr Roper joins representatives from Hamara Healthy Living Centre and Give a Gift Foundation, along with charity champ Fatma Ali (Pic Credit: Dave Goodfield

ACHIEVEMENT: Head Teacher Mr Roper joins representatives from Hamara Healthy Living Centre and Give a Gift Foundation, along with charity champ Fatma Ali (Pic Credit: Dave Goodfield

Students at a school in Roundhay have been leaving their ‘footprints’ on the lives of  local Syrian refugees this month as they managed to turn pennies into pounds to raise a ‘shoebox’ full of money.

Young people and staff at Allerton Grange High School, anchored by the money-raising talents of Maths HLTA, Fatma Ali, managed to accumulate over £1,000.

At the heart of the fundraising efforts was a cupcake and samosa sale, which ran throughout a school day earlier this month.

Sixth former at the school, Sabah Parveen, 17, said: “It went really well. The money raised will go towards helping those who have been displaced by war.”

Christina Nagle is a Year 7 form tutor at Allerton grange and leads the student council.

With a representative from each form making up the student body, Ms Nagle said the efforts of the students helped to make the day a success.

“Each year group meets on a different morning yet all of them were more than happy to help when they heard about the foodie fundraising,” she said.

“Pupils made posters; they spread the word, they collected forms and brought in dried food. It was the students that made it the success it was and the kids love fundraising.”

The idea for the project came about after Fatma says she was constantly seeing images of deprivation, war and poverty in Syria.

After considering ways of helping, it was decided that ‘charity starts at home’ and therefore the local Syrian refugees could be the beneficiaries of any fundraising efforts.

Fatma said: “After seeing the troubles in Syria, I thought to myself, let me cook some food. I prepped the menu a week before for all the teachers to order what they wished from me.

“It was a fantastic event. I couldn’t believe how much we raised. It was hard work, I didn’t sleep the whole of Sunday evening but I thought, for Syria we can do anything.

“The food was amazing, every department had a feast.”

Fatma eventually cooked up over 1,000 Egyptian style meals from her kitchen at home which staff described as ‘utterly delicious’.

Fatma continued: “It took the whole week to raise the money.

“We collected £400 on the Monday and from then, every day in the morning we collected money in the form time. Thank you so much to the staff and kids.”

The cheque was written for the Hamara Healthy Living Centre and Give a Gift Foundation which helps refugees in the local area.

The money will go towards helping Syrians who live in the local area, and also Iraqi, Lebanese, Eritrean and Sudanese families.

Rifhat Malik from Give a Gift said: “We want to thank Fatma and the school for an outstanding and overwhelming effort.

“We want to continue to do more work with Allerton Grange, thank you so much.”

Nabila Karim from Hamara added: “When Fatma came to us she was literally carrying a shoebox full of money.

“All the money was in pound coins and pennies. It goes to show that when people put their effort and commitment into something they can achieve so much.”