‘Don’t take your insurer’s first offer’

Have you suffered a non-fault accident and are unhappy with the compensation offered from your insurer? Well now, thanks to one of Leeds’ leading solicitor firms, you can say ‘no’ to that offer with confidence that you will get the maximum damages you rightfully deserve.

Northone Solicitors specialise in getting clients the full settlement every time, turning over every stone and analysing every angle until the job is done.

SONY DSCWith industry experts boasting years of experience in the field, the Leeds-based firm have won hundreds of cases for clients who risk being ‘cheated out’ of the highest settlement due to initial low offers from their insurers.

Claire Cooper is one trainee solicitor currently working for the firm and has overseen dozens of cases.

Explaining more about the work, she said: “Insurance companies often make quick, low first offers in order to entice claimants to take the first offer on the table.

“These offers are usually made prior to clients having been medically assessed and are called pre-medical offers, which, as we know from experience, do not always result in the best outcome.

“In order for our clients to achieve a better settlement, we recommend they be examined by an independent medical expert so a report can be published into the full extent of their injuries.

“From here, our team are on hand to fight your corner all the way to ensure you always receive your maximum settlement.”

Due to recent changes in the law, claims management companies, insurance providers and solicitors are now able to take a deduction of up to 25 per cent from their client’s compensation.


By opting to use the team at Northone Solicitors, you are guaranteed to receive 100 per cent of your compensation every time.

Raksana Karim, from the Lexcel-accredited firm, added: “We at Northone Solicitors do not take any deductions from the client’s compensation as we believe they are entitled to the full settlement as they are the ones who have suffered physically and emotionally as a result of the accident.

“We are a local Leeds firm operating in the heart of the community and are always happy for clients to call into our offices to receive the best advice for them.

“We will never deduct anything from your compensation and take pride in dealing with all of our clients on an individual merit basis, to offer the best possible personal service, tailored to meet the individual’s needs.”

So, to receive 100 per cent of the compensation you deserve, don’t take your insurers first offer and contact Northone Solicitors today to get your claim heading in the right direction.


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