Applause Entertainment‘s highly anticipated series, Gandhi, is currently in production, filming across various locations under the creative helm of visionary director, Hansal Mehta. The series promises a riveting period drama, transporting audiences to Gandhi’s captivating journey. Today, the makers unveil the esteemed International cast that are poised to breathe life into pivotal roles. 

Enlisting an array of diverse artists, each bringing their unique talents to the forefront, the series boasts an impressive ensemble. Leading the charge is none other than Tom Felton, celebrated for his iconic portrayal in the Harry Potter series. Alongside Felton, the cast features a constellation of stars including Libby Mai, Molly Wright, Ralph Adeniyi, James Murray, Lindon Alexander, Jonno Davies and Simon Lennon amongst others. At the forefront of this project is the immensely talented Pratik Gandhi, portraying the iconic role of Gandhi himself.

Sameer Nair, Managing Director, Applause Entertainment,We are excited to bring together an exceptional ensemble cast from across the globe, each adding their own unique brilliance to this monumental tale. With Hansal Mehta at the helm, and the incomparable Pratik Gandhi embodying the spirit of Gandhi, we aim to propel our Indian series onto the global stage with resounding impact.”

Director Hansal Mehta, “Working with an exceptionally talented cast has been nothing but a privilege. The casting of some exceptional international actors to our ensemble is even more exciting as we prepare to take our labour of love to audiences worldwide. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s story, particularly his more formative years spent in London and South Africa, is a story for our times, an untouched but fertile tale of a young man who goes on a voyage of self-discovery, not knowing the impact he’d have on history and on our collective consciousness. I feel truly honoured to have gotten the opportunity to bring this epic tale to life.”

Tom Felton, “I’m excited to be part of the journey of telling the story of Gandhi’s early years in London. It’s an important aspect of history that hasn’t been told on screen before, and to be working with Hansal & Pratik is an honour and pleasure.”

As production continues on Gandhi, anticipation mounts for its release, promising an unforgettable exploration of Indian history.