(l-r) Founder of the Khidma Community Kitchen Nazim Ali, with volunteers Mohammed Azeem, 12-year-old Muhammad Abdullah Adnan, Khurram Aziz and Haji Adnan Fiaz

A Bradford man who’s raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for numerous charitable causes, celebrated the inaugural launch of his local community warm food hub.

Nazim Ali, who received an Honorary Fellowship last year from the University of Bradford, has to date single-handedly raised around £800,000 for local and global causes, and annually carries out hospital gift-giving for poorly children across Yorkshire.

At the inaugural launch of his Nazim Ali Foundation ‘Khidma Community Kitchen’ on 27th February, he carried out local outreach work and provided 129 warm two-course meals for some of Bradford’s most vulnerable and needy people.

Prior to the launch of the ‘Khidma Community Kitchen’ (Khidma meaning ‘service/servitude in Arabic) there was a gap in food provision in the Bradford District on a Tuesday evening for those in need.

Nazim explains: “For over ten years I have volunteered at the Curry Circle Food Provision on a Thursday at Manningham Library, and have seen the importance of such community kitchens due to people struggling from food poverty an the cost of living.

“During the launch of our community kitchen, we received so much positive feedback from service users, who were ever so thankful. This was incredibly heartwarming, and reaffirmed the need for me to begin this community kitchen.

“I passionately believe that charity starts at home. If you come across anyone in need of meals then please send them our way.

“As a devout Muslim I have a duty to help those in need irrespective of their faith or ethnicity, which is something I have endeavoured to do for the last 26-years via my extensive community and charity work both in the UK and overseas.

“I am grateful to my long-term sponsors, Haji Shiraz Ahmed (CEO) of Bradford-based Saveco Cash & Carry, without whom this would not be possible.”

The ‘Khidma Community Kitchen’ takes place every Tuesday from 4:30pm – 6pm at the Millan Centre (off Oak Lane & adjacent to JTI Victor Street Masjid)
89 Victor Road, Manningham, Bradford, BD9 4RA.