This International Women’s Day (IWD), ten incredibly brave women battling cancer and cancer survivors, are inspiring others with their powerful stories about their life challenges, struggles and courage.

They’ll be taking to the runway, organised by the The Fashion Brunch, which has extraordinarily deviated from the established norms of fashion shows and beauty pageants, congregating women from different backgrounds and faiths, empowering them to be proud of their diverseness.

The Fashion Brunch, established by Anisha Vasani (Creative Director) has proved consistent with it’s execution of celebrating women with challenged differences.

With the IWD 2024 theme ‘inspire inclusion’, the runway spotlight will be succeeded by ten incredibly brave women battling cancer and cancer survivors, inspiring others with their resilience.

The women will exhibit stunning designs by Nikaza Asian Couture and Deesh London, whilst sharing inspirational and powerful stories about their challenges, struggles and courage.

One of the incredible survival stories is that of Kreena Dhiman, who was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer aged just 33.

In 2016, aged 36, Kreena was diagnosed with life-threatening chemotherapy-induced acute heart failure. She also suffered cancer-induced fertility and lost the ability to carry a pregnancy, but never lost faith.

There is often a negative stigma attached within the South Asian community, surrounding cancer, infertility and anything deemed as weak or flawed, but with four children born through IVF and Surrogacy, Kreena is just one of the incredible women sharing her story on the day.

“We know that black and brown people face inequalities when it comes to cancer care,” says Kreena, founder of South Asian Supernovas.

“South Asian Supernovas was established to close the cancer care gap through education, awareness and representation. We’ve created a space allowing patients to be seen and heard throughout their cancer experience”.

R&B/Bhangra artist Veronica Mehta withdrew from her public life when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2016

And meet Veronica Mehta, singer and breast cancer survivor. She became an influential household name within the South Asian community. The London born R&B/ Bhangra artist, a big name on the Asian music circuit, was diagnosed with breast cancer, in 2016.

She withdrew from her public life, to concentrate on healing. Only just returning with a new single called ‘Gone’,“ she says.

“I’m really excited to be a part of such a great event.

“Going through breast cancer was an extremely traumatic and difficult time for me. Being able to connect with nine other cancer survivors and share our stories with one another and together be part of the photoshoot and catwalk with style and strength is incredible.”

Coasting into it’s fifth year, this annual celebration of women empowerment has seen women from all walks of life coming together for an elevation of acknowledgment.

With Anisha’s ‘Bold & Beautiful – plus size’ concept last year winning the ‘Best Creative Campaign’ award for her visionary and ground-breaking accomplishments, she continues to break through the ideological norms of beauty.

Founder and creative director of The Fashion Bruch, Anisha Vasani, adds: “International Women’s Day is a celebration of strength, resilience, and empowerment.

“It’s my honour to champion the incredible journey of ten courageous cancer warriors.

“Through this event, we aim to showcase their beauty, grace, and unwavering spirit, highlighting their inspiring stories of survival and hope. It’s more than just a fashion event; it’s a platform to uplift and celebrate the indomitable spirit of women everywhere.

“I am immensely proud to witness the growth of The Fashion Brunch, knowing that we’ve created a platform where 300 women will gather to celebrate their worth.”

Whilst inclusion and diversity is the pinnacle objective, this event continues to celebrate women’s economic, social, cultural and political achievements.

Taking place at the stunning venue ‘Courtyard by Marriott’, London, The Fashion Brunch will be joined by successful influential household names, esteemed celebrities and motivational speakers, a wonderful celebration of empowered women.

Partnering with ‘RecommendAsian’, a platform of 75,000 women supporting and uplifting one another was a natural and easy execution for Anisha, with both platforms sharing the same values.

Highlighting the importance of this wonderful celebration of inclusion is Founder of RecommendAsian, Zamiha Desai. She says: “Both Anisha and I have a mutual passion for empowering women, and the original idea was inspired by Mala Seecoomar and Ranjana Patel at a RecommendAsian business strategy session, highlighting the plight of women with life threatening illnesses”.

“I am so pleased to be hosting The Fashion Brunch for a fourth consecutive year! I love being involved because it is such an empowering and impactful event where women are honest and open on the panel chat,” comments ITV and Channel 5 News presenter Anila Dhami .

“It embodies the values of International Women’s Day, particularly with the event entering on the theme of the year.”