A pioneering multicultural fans group dedicated to supporting Leeds United FC, welcomed fans at their launch on 13th February, at the esteemed Old Cockburn Sports Hall in Beeston, Leeds.

As a grassroots initiative, Deshi Whites aims to foster inclusivity within the Leeds United fanbase, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds to experience the thrill of football fandom and become integral members of the Leeds United family.

A project by ISSE Ltd, a non-profit organisation committed to community development, Deshi Whites embodies the spirit of unity and camaraderie.

“We hope Deshi Whites brings together the community through fan engagement, and we are grateful to the fans for the diversity initiative, Leeds United Foundation, and Hamara HLC for the ongoing support,” stated Humayun Islam, Director of ISSE, emphasising the collaborative effort behind the initiative.

Komar Uddin, a long-time Leeds United supporter, expressed his enthusiasm for Deshi Whites, added: “I have been a Leeds United fan for many years, and Deshi Whites will hopefully create an opportunity for me to engage with the club more closely.”

Likewise, Kutub Zilanee eagerly anticipates getting more involved with Deshi Whites and relishing match day experiences at the iconic Elland Road Stadium. “I can’t wait to get more involved and hopefully enjoy matchday experiences at the iconic Elland Road Stadium,” said Zilanee.

The launch event was organised under the guidance of Jonir Ali, chairman of Cross Flatts FC, a project of Hamara HLC. Ali’s dedication and support have been instrumental in bringing Deshi Whites to fruition, symbolising the collaborative efforts within the community.

Deshi Whites invites all football enthusiasts to join them in celebrating diversity, unity, and the shared passion for Leeds United FC at the launch event. “Together, let’s embrace the power of football to bridge cultures and build lasting connections,” they say.