Social media offers more than funny memes and pictures of cats. Over half of Gen Z and millennials say they’ve been introduced to something on there that’s changed their life.

Over half of 18-40 year olds say they’ve found something on social media they can no longer live without.

People were asked what they’ve been influenced to buy because of social media and found that not only are technology and clothing on the list, but so are skincare products.

Over a third have been introduced to some life-changing technology from their phone apps, while one in four say they found their favourite underwear and lingerie.

When it comes to skincare specifically, 39% of respondents said social media influenced them to try a new skincare product.

Millennials (aged 25-40) were the most serious about their skincare routines, at 63% compared to 57% of Gen Z (aged 18-24) respondents.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of CeraVe, the survey found this dedication appears to pay off as well, as 62% of all respondents said they’re proud of their skin and feel confident in themselves.

If you’re thinking about falling asleep with your makeup on, you should think again, as 58% said when they skip cleansing their face, they regret it. Millennials were more likely to feel this way at 60% compared to 56% of Gen Z respondents.

And it’s no wonder they’re looking for skincare tips on social media. While the vast majority of those who use cleansers said they know the difference between formulas, so they can choose what is best for their skin, but many admitted needing more education on understanding ingredients in the products.

Skincare videos were actually the top type of skincare content respondents engage with online – with Gen Z respondents watching these more frequently than millennials (44% vs. 35%).

Next in line were makeup tutorials, skincare hacks and even pimple-popping videos.

Top 10 products Gen Z and Millennials are picky about

Shampoo/conditioner – 57%
Face wash/cleanser – 55%
Body wash – 55%
Face moisturiser – 49%
Soap – 46%
Body moisturiser – 36%
Face exfoliator/scrub – 34%
Hand cream/lotion – 32%
Lip balm – 31%
Sunscreen – 30%