Legendary TV actress and director Rubina Ashraf, 60, who has been battling Covid-19, has thanked her fans for their love and prayers during her recovery.

Being in a ‘critical condition’ two weeks ago, Rubina contracted the coronavirus on 3rd June. She was shifted into intensive care at a hospital in Karachi after her health deteriorated rapidly.

But it seems she is now well on the road to recovery, according to her husband Tariq Mirza.

The star shared an update on Instagram for fans, thanking them for their prayers as she fought the virus, along with a special shout out for close friend Badar Khalil for being there for her during this difficult time.

“Your love saved me guys!! Thank you for all the prayers.”

Her daughter, actress Minna Tariq, shared a tribute to her mother on Monday 22nd June to welcome her home, saying: “This woman who I am so proud to call my mother fought with all her heart to come back to me, I cannot explain in words how much you have taught me in the past 3 weeks, you truly are a force of nature and a fighter.”