Bradford man steps-up to help those most vulnerable during lockdown

The unparalleled COVID-19 health emergency, on a scale never before seen, has pushed those who are vulnerable to the the edge of survival.

Since being placed under lockdown on Monday 23rd March, the nation is facing the biggest peace-time challenge ever. Some 1.5 million extremely vulnerable people have been asked to quarantine, in efforts to shield them from the coronavirus.

Those with disabilities, the unwell and elderly and those on the poverty line face the biggest crisis.

So it’s heartening to see how, in the toughest of times, people have come together.

Bradford’s iconic Enkahnz vehicle customisation house, stepped-up to the challenge of delivering help to locals who are most vulnerable and the homeless.

Having set up a COVID-19 response team and customising a Barugzai Range Rover into a response vehicle, they have been delivering food and safety packages across Yorkshire.

Naveed Khan (Nav), founder of Enkahnz said: “As we watched events unfold, as a company, decided we wanted to do our part.

“These are challenging and uncertain times, as all of us worry about the health of our loved ones and have made significant adjustments to our everyday lives.”

Nav is no stranger to charity work, and has donated thousands of pounds of his own money to causes over the years.

He has built water wells, houses, bought livestock and delivered aid to areas of Pakistan numerous times, often travelling to harsh remote areas himself to deliver aid with his own two hands.

“Stepping up and doing our duty to help those most-vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic right here at home (Yorkshire) was a no-brainer. It simply had to be done.

“The response has been huge. We’ve been inundated with calls and messages of help. And I’m so glad we can help.

“The Bradford Foundation Trust, consortium of business, charities and help from the Bradford Council have made all this possible.

“The food packs currently being distributed contain essentials such as canned foods, bread, cereals, pasta, rice, lentils and fresh produce.”

The COVID-19 Safety Package includes items such as hand sanitisers, gloves, soap, and even face masks with respirators in extreme cases. These essentials are provided by Sahara Pharmacy on Duckworth Lane.

“We welcome people to call or email us so we can help those in need of these dire essentials,” adds Nav.

“We are also open to increasing the fleet of the response team by putting on the response team stickers on them free of charge so they can help people out in their communities.

“As we expand more into helping the most vulnerable put, we have partnered up and started networking with many other charities and pharmacies to help bring essential items to those who need them most.”

Nav is currently partnering with food businesses to help deliver catered food to those in need because of this situation.

Enkahnz Accident Repair and Breakdown Division has also prioritised customers serving in the NHS, emergency services, local authorities and other key business groups. You can contact them by email or call 01274 735999.