Winter is coming and seasoned drivers will know how difficult it can be to maintain their vehicles, but for some it’s more difficult than others due to lack of experience.

So when parents of children who attend Heaton St Barnabas C of E primary school requested a ladies-only basic car maintenance workshop, Naveed Khan – founder of Enkahnz, was only too happy to oblige.

The Bradford-based vehicle body specialists and customisation house offered free car maintenance tips where female drivers were given tips on how to maintain their vehicles.

Naveed explained the details from under the bonnet. The newly enlisted trainees were shown how to jump start a vehicle, how to check and maintain engine oil and fluid levels, and the importance of screen wash additives in winter as well as making sure the correct antifreeze in the car radiator.

“The free workshop came when some mums came forward and spoke to me about car maintenance in winter months,” explains Naveed.

“Most of them have never run into these problems, and don’t want to run into any trouble either. Who can blame them?”

“A lot of women are not aware of these details as it is a very male-dominated industry and women are afraid to go into garages themselves.

“For many women, handing over ‘car problems’ to a male member of the family is usually the first option. I was thrilled that I packed in a lot of practical basics of car care for these ladies.”

Naveed also gave a tutorial on the different warning lights on the dashboard, what they meant and explained on what steps should be taken should any warning lights come on.

The ladies joined in on asking questions, Naveed answered in full detail on how to keep ahead of the problem from occurring again. The women reiterated that the short course has boosted their confidence.

“The ladies were quite rightly focussed on becoming more independent when it comes to vehicle maintenance,” adds Naveed.

“In these times, everyone has a busy life. So the ladies believed it was high time they equipped themselves with some basic car maintenance techniques.

Finally, the mums were given a workshop on how to check and refill tyre pressure on their cars and even on Naveed’s own prized Ferrari.

After the workshop, the parents got together with Sofia Mushtaq, Parent Governor from Heaton St Barnabas C of E Primary School, who organised the workshop gave positive feedback and are eager for the second workshop for intermediate level training.