People with hidden disabilities, such as Autism, Anxiety and Dementia, may soon qualify for a Blue Badge parking permit.

The Blue Badge scheme is a national scheme which gives parking concessions, for people with certain disabilities, to park nearer to their destination.

Currently, only people with physical disabilities, such as having a severe walking disability or being registered blind, have qualified.

Now, the Blue Badge scheme is undergoing its biggest shake-up since it was introduced in 1970, with many hidden disabilities being introduced to the list of people who qualify.

This nation-wide change follows findings that many people with mental health problems struggle with the same travel issues as those with physical disabilities.

Martin Stubbs, Assistant Director for Revenues, Benefits & Payroll, said: “A Blue Badge can make all the difference to someone’s life, allowing them to get out and about more easily and with less stress, as well as being able to live their lives with greater independence.

“We want to encourage anyone who thinks they will now qualify for a Blue Badge to apply.”

To find out more, and to apply, please go to

Under the new criteria, people may qualify for a badge if they: * Cannot undertake a journey without risk of serious harm to the health or safety of themselves or others (such as young children with autism)
* Cannot undertake a journey without it causing them considerable psychological distress have considerable difficulty when walking (both the physical act and experience of walking)

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