Finding the right solicitor for a job can be a daunting prospect for many, but YHM Solicitors who have over a collective 25-years experience in immigration, family law including Khula and Islamic divorce, personal injury and civil litigation matters, are more than equipped to do the job.

Led by Saher Tariq, a woman who is one of a handful of female Muslim Barristers in the country, and Muhammed Abdul-Halim, their legal practice is regularly complimented upon by the courts and local judges.

Saher passed her Bar Vocational Course (BVC) at Nottingham Law School, and was then called to the Bar by Lincolns Inn – the prestigious and thriving society of barristers in London. Here she’d often advise Lincoln’s Inn on how it could take religious sensitivities into account to assist in diversifying it’s objectives.

She then went on to do a Masters degree in Human Rights Law at University, which included a scholarship to study in Florence as well as being asked to be a research assistant for one of the world’s leading prison law professors at the university.

Saher later qualified as a solicitor to become a partner in the firm.

Established in March 2009, Saher and Abdul-Halmi derived the name of their legal practice from the Arabic phrase, “Ya Hallal Mushkilaat”, which is a prayer meaning “Oh Solver of Problems”.

Abdul-Halim, who formerly worked in Manchester as an immigration solicitor, has brought his extensive experience representing clients in their Immigration and Asylum applications and appeals department.
Having extensive advocacy experience immigration, conveyancing and personal injury,

Abdul-Halim is renowned for building a strong relationship with his clients.
Saher says: “Before starting at YHM, I was managing a million pound project and therefore gained strategic level management experience.

“YHM is very much a family business, and having knowledge of culture and religion is extremely useful when navigating the sensitivities of family law – it’s something that not many other firms can offer.

“Having an in-house advocate is exceptionally reassuring. When clients deal with myself, they know that I will be the one supporting them at court. This eases clients into the court process and they find the experience less daunting.”

When dealing with family law matters, Saher has extensive knowledge of the Islamic procedure and has written in an international publication on the subject. She is also currently working with Aina Khan on the ‘Register our Marriage’ campaign encouraging everyone to ensure that the Nikah is registered. (More about this in the next edition of Asian Express.)

Abdul-Halim comments: “Our clients have complemented our approachability as we have we an open-door policy, and try our best to see clients without an appointment when they visit our office at their convenience.

“We deal directly with clients and many of our clients recommend our services to their family and friends. Our returning clients are the biggest testament to our firm.”

“We can arrange for evening appointments and provide entertainment for children.

“If the client is unable to travel to the office then we can offer home visits.

“We have over 25 years of legal experience and pride ourselves in being approachable and offer consultations in Urdu, Hindi, Mirpuri, Punjabi and Bengali.”

YHM states it has over 90% success rate with all their immigration applications and appeals.This may range from doing simple visit visa applications to dealing with spouse applications with complicated issues to submitting applications in the UK after a visa has run out or no leave was previously granted, your matter will be dealt with with professionalism and speed.

Their personal injury department, deals with not only car accidents but also accidents in other locations such as workplace, recreational areas, schools, shopping centres, airports etc, and is renowned for getting settlements in excess of valuations provided by barristers and this has been recognised by the judges in Leeds County Court and beyond.

You can contact Saher on 0113 240 8781 or email or drop in at  YHM Solictors, First Floor, 271 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS8 4HS