Pakistan comes to Bradford in show of solidarity

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Georgi Majid who is the coordinator of the Peace day video, which will be screened at the Mercure Hotel on Thursday 21st September

Georgi Majid who is the coordinator of the Peace day video, which will be screened at the Mercure Hotel on Thursday 21st September

Terrorism will not win is message in Pakistan peace video

Every year United Nations observe an International Day of Peace on September 21st. In line with this a production company have combined with local authorities in Bradford to showcase a video with an important message on peace.

The video which has been produced by Ironline Production UK, aims to produce entertainment to redefine all aspects of media, they are a pioneering production company originally from Pakistan.

In conjunction with International Day of Peace they have organised a celebratory day to bring together diverse communities and reinforce the message of global peace.

The event which has been organised by Georgi Majid, will mark the prestigious day through the use of expressive art, production and media including poetry and writings from a broad spectrum of backgrounds.

The team hopes to create a balance between media, art and culture to represent collective conscious, the voice of radical thinking, expression of innovation, transformation and emerging talent.

The production is keen to play an instrumental role in bridging the gap and reaching out to invite communities across the globe. They aim to develop mutual grounds for collaboration and lead upon promoting cohesion and integrity.

This event sees them work with local authorities, including elected members, West Yorkshire Police, faith community groups who empathise with their mission and objectives.

The primary message is to unite communities, promoting cohesion and to unite against terrorism. Through using creative means such as dance, music and drama, they are looking to create awareness and a bring communities together to form a united front on their message of peace.

Working in partnership with a range of key partners including, The Peace Museum UK and local schools in Bradford will be invited to participate in the event which will be displaying the message of peace which has been crippled by terrorist attacks around the world.

The main event of the evening will be the screening of a specially produced song and video that captures the rays of hope in societies most affected.

This event also looks to showcase young talent and develop young advocates and youth leaders who’ll become the next generation of peace ambassadors.

While aiming to develop an International Day of Peace declaration signed by their diverse partners to reinforce their work and continued efforts.

Georgi Majid the event coordinator spoke to Asian Express about the event and the showcasing of their video he said. “It’s a fantastic video with a lot money spent on it, we are self-funded and we have had no funding to help with the production.

“We will be launching the music video ‘Global Journey of Peace’, which is based on the Peshawar School attack in 2004, it has been produced and directed by Samar Raza Razvi.

“In collaboration with Bradford City Council, the local authorities and police, we aim to create a better relationship with diverse communities by showing them a video of what happened.

“There will also be speeches and a children’s programme supported by Bradford City Council with the message to ‘work together’, and we want to highlight this to the people of Bradford.”

The event is being held at the Mercure Hotel in Bradford on Thursday 21st September, starting at 18:00.

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