Can you keep a zeecret?

Zee channels are now available to UK homes via Sky’s Original bundle

Zee TV has become a staple part of British Asian TV watching habits. It heralded a sea change in consumers being able to engage with the South Asian diaspora, making it the most popular entertainment South Asian entertainment channel in the UK with over 100,000 subscribers.

Since its launch in 1995, Zee TV’s popularity has grown that now it comprises five separate channels – Zee TV, Zee Cinema, Zee Punjabi, &TV and Zing but until this month, anyone wanting to watch the plethora of original programming and Bollywood blockbusters had to pay an additional subscription of £15 per month to access on Sky. However, Zee TV’s new partnership with Sky means that anyone who subscribes to the basic Sky Original bundle will now have access to all Zee TV channels, without an additional monthly fee.

It is not just Zee TV that’s grown over the last 22 years in the UK market. The global population’s interest in content from non-traditional markets has also grown with Bollywood film companies in talks to create global distribution deals with major media partners.

It seems that the reputation of Bollywood as being all song and dance numbers and unrealistic fight scenes no longer exists, with content reflecting the rich heritage and growth of the South Asian subcontinent.

Zee is one of the largest creators of bespoke programming for its audiences – not only importing programmes from the South Asian region but also creating programming specifically designed for its customers in the UK.

Neeraj Dhingra, CEO, Europe from Zee TV comments, “Zee TV is the only TV network that creates specific content for the UK audiences so that British Asians are able to access programming that’s relevant to their locality.

“Whether a consumer is looking to lose a couple of hours in a Bollywood film, improve their curries with one of our cooking shows or see the best of South Asia’s talent compete to win in singing shows, we are confident that consumers will find content that suits their needs.”

All Zee TV’s content is subtitled in English so even those without a South Asian heritage are able to enjoy the latest Bollywood blockbusters, original programming and big entertainment events. With a substantial digital and social audience as well as a potential reach of 10million consumers across all five Zee channels, the opportunities to reach a broad base of consumers are unlimited.

Neeraj continues, “We have worked with brands to create original content that’s appropriate to their audiences and have seen great successes. Now that Zee TV is open to all UK subscribers of Sky’s Originals bundle, we know that the opportunities are even greater to reach people with your brand story.”  

Simran Sablok, Marketing Head for UK and Europe at Zee Entertainment, comments, “ By offering Zee channels as part of the Sky Originals bundle, people won’t only get to see the latest Bollywood offerings but explore the rich and varied world of South Asian content. We are sure that this partnership will help raise the profile of South Asia entertainment amongst all consumers. To promote this change virally , we have partnered with hilarious YouTube sensation, Pammi Aunty, to help subscribers find ways to spend the £180 saving they’re making each year.”


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