When it comes to your beauty routine, sleep may be the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth. Your body repairs itself and recovers while you snooze, and that leads to a long list of benefits for your looks. The key is to get enough shut-eye – seven to nine quality hours each night.

Brand owner and director Claudia created the “Claudia Fallah” brand out of her own skin struggles and personal need for effective gentle skin treatments.

Combined with her experience working with such conditions Claudia believes brands need to be accountable for their products and deliver on the promise of a healthy and balanced functioning skin.

She says: “As soon as you shut your eyes, your skin cells go to work, repairing damage and restoring your complexion.”

Claudia Fallah explains what happens to your skin while you sleep and how you can bring it back to optimum balance so that you wake up with a glow.

Skin loses moisture while you sleep

The temperature of your skin drops to 9 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Throw in a dry or overheated room, and you’re most likely waking up to a tight, dehydrated complexion.

Claudia Fallah Top Tip: Drink some water before you sleep so you are hydrated and apply a moisturiser before going to bed. Also make sure that you don’t over nourish your skin at night since this could trigger off break outs and can interfere with the process of the skin trying to regenerate, so choose your nightcare products carefully.

Cell turnover speeds up while you sleep

While you’re sleeping, newly generated skin cells at the bottom of your epidermis are busy pushing their way to the surface. You must remove dirt and makeup before you sleep to allow the dead skin cells in the pores to move up and out.

Claudia Fallah Top Tip: a high priority should be that you cleanse your skin before you go to bed correctly so your skin has a chance to absorb the nutrients from your night creme/serum.

Damage is repaired while you sleep

Thinking you are busy during the day? Your skin is constantly fighting off free radicals caused by UV rays and pollution. At night, your skin does its best to repair this damage. Since time is on your side, your products also get the chance to work more effectively.

Claudia Fallah Top Tip: always use high active ingredients at night since your skin is more receptive at night. A good idea is also to go to bed by 11pm since cell regeneration almost doubles at night and peaking between 11pm to 4am.



Claudia fallah products
Claudia fallah products


Claudia Fallah has been a professional skin care therapist since 1986. She has trained with noted dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in Germany and has developed her own luxurious natural skin care range including her own herbal peel, using pure plant ingredients to accelerate the skin’s healing process.

Claudia is often referred to in the press as one of London’s ‘best kept secrets’ and has a strong following with numerous celebrity clients from the stage, screen and the music industry among her fans. All the products within Claudia’s range are produced in small lots so that they are at optimum freshness for you. They are Hypoallergenic, Organic and Paraben free and can be used on all skin types in particular sensitive or traumatised skin. Visit: www.claudiafallah.co.uk for more information about products.