HUMANITARIAN: Nazim has raised over £90,000 for charity over the years
HUMANITARIAN: Nazim has raised over £90,000 for charity over the years

A charity champion has recently returned from his fourth humanitarian aid visit in three years to the Turkish and Syrian border region with the Dewsbury-based SKT Welfare

Nazim Ali raised over £15,000 with which vital humanitarian food packs, blankets and winter kits were purchased and distributed during the Christmas period.

The Bradford-born philanthropist, who visited the war-torn country, said: “I have now personally managed to raise over £90,000 for a plethora of charitable causes over the last decade through various charity runs, including marathons and mountain treks to name a few.

He added: “Altogether, the 19 strong SKT Welfare winter deployment team from various parts of England raised a grand total that exceeded £100,000.”

The six day intense aid delivery was a gruelling period of charity work, which included early starts and finishing at midnight.

“We packed and distributed almost 3,000 food parcels weighing 18kg each, which will last a week for a Syrian family of five. We gave out almost 2,000 blankets, 2,000 winter kits (consisting of thermal clothing, gloves, socks and hats) and a suitcase full of toys for Syrian refugee children,” Nazim smiled.

The group distributed in the Syrian and Turkey border of Reyhanli and mountainous villages across the Turkish and Syrian border region.

GIFTS: Nazim with a Syrian orphan and her jewellery set
GIFTS: Nazim with a Syrian orphan and her jewellery set

“We also visited and distributed aid to the numerous rehabilitation centres scattered around Reyhanli.  It was distressing to see at first hand the horrific injuries sustained, especially the children.

“Snowy and rainy conditions meant we delivered humanitarian aid just in time. We visited Syrian refugees living in tents with mud all over the floors and Syrian refugees living in partially built homes.

“One can just imagine how cold winter will be for them in such treacherous living conditions. Nothing has improved in terms of the living conditions of Syrian refugees since my first visit three years ago.

“What sticks inmy mind is when refugees have said to me that it isn’t the aid I bring over that really benefits them, but the fact that I’ve left my family in the UK to help them. They said that just being here is a solace to their hearts that they no longer feel alone or that the world has forgotten about them.

“It was wonderful to see the Syrian children smiling and elated at receiving their toys. For me, that is the best part; just seeing their smiles and taking their mind off the horrors that no child should witness.”