Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ) activists in Yorkshire will be taking part in a number of protests against the Trump inauguration on Friday 20th January and Saturday 21st January.

Youth Fight for Jobs is playing a prominent role in helping organise the demonstration in Leeds at 5pm in Dortmund Square which had been called following an international appeal from Socialist Alternative, a US organisation which initiated the post-election day protests against Trump’s agenda which saw 40,000+ on the streets of major US cities.

Iain Dalton, Yorkshire YFJ organiser said: “Trump was elected by branding him as an anti-establishment candidate – yet he is packing his cabinet full of establishment figures from the banks and other sectors of big business.

“Neither Trump not Clinton offered a real alternative to problems facing ordinary Americans, in the same way as Teresa May’s speeches here talking about championing the ‘Just-About-Managing’ have done nothing to solve their problems.

“The status quo has delivered stagnant living standards for workers in both the UK and the USA. Instead of politicians like Trump being able to step into that vacuum, YFJ believes that a positive alternative has to be put forward that offers a way forward for working people, including increasing the minimum wage to £10 an hour, bringing the railways and utilities into public ownership and a mass programme of council house building.”

The organisation, YFJ, launched by young workers, students and unemployed youth in 2009, campaigns for a future for young people of either a real job, quality training or free education.