CARING TEAM: Nina Kaur, pictured front, set up Care Unique ten years ago and today has over 60 carers working alongside her
CARING TEAM: Nina Kaur, pictured front, set up Care Unique ten years ago and today has over 60 carers working alongside her

An independent care agency in Bradford, which began with just one carer 10 years ago, is celebrating a decade of service in the city.

Care Unique was set up in 2006 by Nina Kaur, a passionate carer with experience in nursing, elderly day centres and homecare.

It was during her time as a Bradford Council care worker that she decided to ‘go it alone’ and set up her own private company in a bid to provide more care to the Asian community across West Yorkshire.

Today, that same company boasts an army of carers, with almost 65 men and women proudly pounding the streets of Bradford, Calderdale and Leeds, carrying with the Care Unique name.  

“The last 10 years have just gone so fast,” Nina said. “I started up this project because I had seen firsthand that there was a shortage of services for Asian people in the community.

“During my time with the council, I really struggled to place people with staff that had the right languages, that could cook the right food, and who could understand religions, cultures and backgrounds.

“Eventually I decided to just bite the bullet and set up Care Unique.”

Care Unique provide services for people needing care and support in their own home, offering help to a huge variety of people, from children to the elderly, as well as those with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health problems.

Providing care to all, it is the team’s work with local residents from minority ethnic communities that has set them apart throughout the years.

“Our specialism is to cater for the Asian community but that doesn’t mean we don’t care for other communities too,” Nina added.

“We care for all people who need us, from birth upwards, because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be doing ourselves or our community a justice.

“People are out there of every age who need help. Even though the Asian community is growing older, there is still a massive need elsewhere.”

Despite having an expansive team of carers at her disposal, Nina remains grounded today and continues to go out to homes across the district to do the work she always loved doing.

Her determined attitude and passion for caring has ensured the agency’s success over the years, not only leading form the front but also by example.

“I just get satisfaction from the service that we offer and to know that we are helping people who are disadvantaged,” she said. “Our team here is amazing, every single one of them has contributed to our success over the last 10 years.

“With me, I think caring is just something which is imbedded inside my bones. I really do have a passion for this line of work and I just love it.”