Ecco pizzeria makes a tasty statement on Street Lane

Neapolitan pizza. It’s the stuff of dough-filled dreams. Imagine a light, fluffy base that bubbles up like Mount Etna around the edges, painted with the deep rouge red of San Marzano tomatoes.

Then witness Mozzarella di Bufala fall from a loving chef’s flour-dusted hands as he kneads the pizza into a rectangle, stretching and pulling it into its tempting shape and sprinkling the final masterpiece with basil leaves.  

Are you in Italy? No! This is not a scene from a restaurant in Naples but a new eatery on Street Lane in Roundhay, Leeds.

Ecco pizzeria have arrived on the foodie scene in more style than a Fiat 500 driven by Monica Belluci.


Thanks to the finest ingredients and a wood-fired oven, their pizzas are getting the Asian Express swooning at a crazier angle than the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Just try and hold us up as we sink our teeth into half a metre of their Margherita.

That’s the portion size at Ecco, and it’s a nifty idea. Of course, you can have your 12” single too, but it’s easier to share when served in this pleasing size, and if there’s any left over, you can always take it home.

Toppings range from anchovies, provola cheese, spinach, spicy beef pepperoni… There’s even vegan mozzarella for animal lovers.

For afters, Ecco’s gelato is a must-try. The restaurant has 18 different flavours, all creamy, sumptuous and divine. We tried Burro di Arachide (that’s Peanut Butter to those who don’t speak Italian) and it drove us more nuts than squirrels at a walnut convention. Truly lickable.

An establishment with beautiful rustic surroundings, happy Italian staff and handcrafted food that’s halal friendly, honest and delicious – Ecco is a near-perfect pizzeria.

90 Street Lane,



Tel: 0113 266 6662