LLG President Aneeka Muneer takes on historic appointment

In an historic move across the local government legal landscape, Aneeka Muneer, Head of Litigation and Deputy Monitoring Officer at Calderdale Council, takes on her national appointment as the President of Lawyers in Local Government (LLG).

Her landmark appointment as LLG’s first female Muslim President, heralds a new era of inclusivity, integrity, and transformative leadership, driven by her staunch commitment to governance and ethical standards.

Lawyers in Local Government (LLG) is the national voice of lawyers and governance officers working in councils across England and Wales; it works with numerous organisations to offer guidance, codes, and protocols on all aspects of local authority law and practice.

Delivering a rousing inaugural address that captivated her audience and set a bold agenda for her presidency, Aneeka said: “I am absolutely delighted to be appointed the LLG President and lead on the work built on by many Presidents before me.

“Following on from the work we have already started within Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion, I want to drive home the message around the importance of representation and the concept of “I can see it – I can be it”. Not just in the leaders which represent us but also at entry level, implanting aspirational dreams into future generations.

“Diversity brings such enrichment, and I intend to champion this cause throughout my term – and beyond.”

Aneeka’s rise to the presidency of LLG is not just a personal triumph, but a beacon of hope for the future of local government law. Her leadership is expected to usher in an era of inclusivity, ethical governance, and community-focused legal practice.

The mother-of-four, with a clarion call for greater diversity, emphasises the profound impact of representation in the legal profession. Her vision includes expanding the thriving work experience week and forging stronger connections with universities and colleges to reach more students.

By encouraging minority group members to take up Regional Lead roles, Muneer hopes to provide relatable role models and inspire career paths that others can follow.

Her passion for ethics and governance resonates deeply with the challenges facing local government today. Muneer’s leadership promises to be a beacon of integrity, guiding LLG members to maintain the highest standards in their professional conduct:

“Integrity and accountability are integral to my own values,” she adds.

Aneeka takes the reigns from outgoing President, Rachel McKoy who has been front and centre during her presidency. Saying farewell to her year in office, Rachel said: “We have been front and centre, speaking in the local government press and the national press on topics of importance such as… standards, remote meeting provision, violence against councillors and officers, statutory protections, elections, ethical governance, and the Golden Triangle.”

The AGM also saw the appointment of key figures who will support Aneeka Muneer in her mission. Paul Turner was named Vice-President, and Helen Bradley as Deputy Vice President, poised to lead LLG in the years to come.

Deborah Evans, CEO of LLG, captured the sentiment perfectly: “Aneeka’s leadership and vision will undoubtedly drive LLG forward, building on our strong foundation of governance and legal excellence.”