Where pizzas are the don

A certain pizzeria in Batley is a real head-turner. Customers can’t walk or drive past the establishment without being drawn in through their doors, the heady waft of Italian pizzas guiding the hungry over to a flashing bright neon sign. It can only be…Godfather’s.

Inside, the restaurant has an American diner feel with an Italian twist. The wood fired oven crackles and spits with heat in the corner, turning out hundreds of authentic Italian pizzas every night, all deliciously fragrant with herbs; their crusts airy, their bases thin and topped to capacity with imaginative ingredients.

Pizzas have either lusciously rich red bases, bursting with the juice of vine-ripened Italian tomatoes from the fields of southern Siciliy, or racy green pesto flavours that compliment a sprinkling of black olives, fresh vegetables and spicy halal chicken.

Founded in 2005, Godfather’s is a family run business who knows that their pizzas are ‘the Don’, especially as an award-winning Italian chef spins the dough.

Each pizza is individually tailored to taste balanced and beautiful. The Bollywood Pizza is a real crowd pleaser – with a spicy base, tongue tickling chicken and locally sourced mozzarella – it is polished down to the last crust.

The menu is expansive and covers other favourites like homemade burgers dripping with cheese, steaks and sumptuous spaghetti bolognaise.

So grab your crew and head down to Godfather’s for a pizza that’s the boss.

604C Bradford Road,


WF17 8HA,

Tel: 01924 470 333