Sweet dreams are made of these

When self-confessed sweet enthusiast, Sam Garcha Sidharh, took the decision to open London’s finest couture Indian sweet centre six months ago, it signalled the start of something delicious. It signalled the start of Barfia.

The store is named after ‘barfi’, a deliciously dense, milk-based sweet from South Asia.

Originally made in India, the name is a derivative of the Persian word ‘barf’, which translates to ‘snow’.

The couture sweet maker, which is suitable for vegetarians, has a store in London and – after quickly becoming a roaring success – has expanded its empire so that Yorkshire now has a newly opened shop on Bradford’s Leeds Road.

Barfia is a treasure trove of tantalising treats in kaleidoscopic colours and magic shapes that are addictively tasty and completely beautiful to look at.

Peering through the chic shop window which is branded with a quirky golden crown and elegant swirly lettering, the sweets looked utterly tempting from the counter, and lured Asian Express in without hesitation.


Barfia brings an artisan twist to traditional Indian sweets. Classic Indian favourites are given a new lease of life, infused with western elements and beautifully presented, resulting in a modern and sophisticated range of Indian confectionery.

Barfia take extra care in their packaging and presentation. The sweets are boxed up flawlessly in glossy white boxes; embossed with golden lettering, the signature Barfia crown and wrapped to perfection in a delicate golden ribbon.

We tried an assortment of different flavours that danced upon our tongues and filled us with happiness. It has been some time since confectionary has had such a delectable reaction.

Our favourites were ‘peanut butter’ which kookily married sweet and salty together like love-struck childhood sweethearts and the simple taste of ‘coconut’ barfi which transported our taste buds to the balmy tropics.


The sweets shimmer in glitter and the painter’s palette of funky colours look like they were created by an artist in a different dimension.

Barfia have also reinvented the delicate Parisian macaroon so that the luxury treat is now filled with the signature flavours of barfi.

Visit Barfia today for the sweetest of times at 617 Leeds Road Bradford BD3 8BJ or order online at