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‘Infertility’ – what a harsh sounding word this is and heartbreaking when you dream of having a family.

A young Bradford couple, Mr and Mrs Y (name not disclosed), who’ve been married for just a few years were recently given the news that they needed an egg donor due to the wife’s premature ovarian failure (POF).

This means Mrs Y can no longer can produce eggs of her own and therefore the couple need an egg donor if they were to ever hope of becoming parents.

When the couple were told that there is a shortage of egg donors from the Pakistani and Indian communities in the UK, they decided to contact the Asian Express to urge women to come forward, anonymously if they so wish.

Most women are born with a limited supply of around two million eggs, but this number decreases with age however some women experience infertility issues at a younger age.

For all these women it’s a devastating moment when they are told that they can’t have a child. The second moment comes when after months or years of trying and riding the emotional roller coaster they realise that you need to make a choice.

These days thanks to medical advances, however, and fantastic IVF techniques, it is now possible for a woman to donate eggs (the egg donor) to another woman (the egg recipient).

Only clinics that have been inspected and are licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) can set up an egg donation programme.  Such a programme has existed in Leeds since in 1993.

Says Mrs Y: “I cannot explain what it means to us to have a child – it would mean everything.

“Both my husband and I would like to plea for the gift of an egg, so that we can have a baby and fulfil our dream of having a family.

“In the Asian community, we just don’t talk about things like this. No one wants other people to know their private business, so I totally understand. But women can come forward and remain completely anonymous.

“If someone out there is reading this story and understands what having a child means and feels they can help us, please, please call the NHS number below, and become our egg donor angel.”


Please help this couple become parents. Pakistani/Indian egg donor needed

aged under 33 with dark hair and dark eyes, fair or medium skin tone.

To make their dreams come true, please contact Nicky Cohan & quote password AED: 0113 206 3100 / 0113 206 3106 or email:

You may remain completely anonymous if you so wish.