Journalists-of-tomorrow learn all about news

Pupils reading Asian Express Newspaper
EXCITING: Pupils from Iveson Primary School catch up on the latest news in the Asian Express newspaper

A group of enthusiastic children from a Leeds primary school turned into junior reporters last week as they learned all about the newspaper industry, with a little help from the Asian Express.

As part of the national Children Takeover Day, Managing Editor of the Asian Express, Andleeb Hanif, met with pupils from Iveson Primary School where some serious brainstorming took place on how to write a good news story.

During the session, the children identified the differences between ‘gossip’ and ‘news’ and were keen to eagerly share their ideas on proposed headlines and how to approach an article for a newspaper.

Throughout the class, children had enjoyed talking about different types of news and were eager to talk about sports and celebrities, as well investigative journalism.

Mrs Hanif said she thoroughly enjoyed the day and working with the children.

“I was really impressed with this group of youngsters, who were so switched on about the importance of information being informative and accurate,” she said.

“They also knew the distinct differences between ‘gossip’ and ‘news’ stories, and were keen to give examples.

“We need to remember that they are only 10-years-old, so for them to be so engaged in newspaper articles was highly admirable. Well done to all of them for being so switched on.”

She added: “The Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day is a fabulous initiative where young people can have an insight into the adult world of work and be encouraged to interact with adults in decision-making workshops.

LEARNING: Ten pupils took part in the Takeover Day as they learnt how to write a news story
LEARNING: Ten pupils took part in the Takeover Day as they learnt how to write a news story

“Engaging with young people for encouragement is my personal passion and it’s my mission to inspire them, even if it’s just a little bit.”

Takeover Day has been developed by the Children’s Commissioner for England and gives children and young people the chance to work with adults for the day whilst being involved in decision-making.