A new package of actionand funding to protect millions of girls at home and abroad from female genital mutilation and forced marriage, was announced at the Girl Summit 2014.

The event was attendedby over 500 delegates from 50 countries, UN agencies, survivors, charities, community groups, faithleaders and front line professionals, to galvanise global efforts to end female genital mutilation (FGM) and child and forced marriage (CFM) within a generation.

The Girl Summit team pose for a photo at DFID's headquarters prior to the event
The Girl Summit team pose for a photo at DFID’s headquarters prior to the event

The Girl Summit, hosted by the Government and UNICEF, is aimed atmobilising domestic and international efforts to end FGM and CFM within ageneration.  It will bring together domestic and international work  to accelerate the work of campaigners, governments and charities around the world to bring an end to these practices.

A new report out today from City UniversityLondon in collaboration with Equality Now estimates that approximately 60,000 girls aged 0-14 were born in England and Wales tomothers who had undergone FGM.

It estimated that approximately 103,000 women aged 15-49 and approximately 24,000 women aged 50 and over, who have migrated toEngland and Wales, are living with the consequences of FGM. In addition, approximately 10,000 girls aged under 15 who have migrated to England and Wales, are likely to have undergone  FGM.

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