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Faiths unite during Ramadhan to tackle common crime

The month of Ramadan is about caring and sharing with all regardless of backgrounds, and now, during this Islamic holy month, faith institutions have come together to support a campaign aiming to eradicate domestic violence from society altogether.

Qari Asim MBE and former Rugby payer Ikram Butt determined to step-up the campaign to eradicate domestic violence

Qari Asim MBE and former Rugby payer Ikram Butt determined to step-up the campaign to eradicate domestic violence

Domestic abuse is an alarmingly common crime in the UK for both genders, with one in four women experiencing at least one incident of domestic abuse in their lifetimes and one in ten experiencing violence from a partner at least once a year.

Events are set to be held across Yorkshire and Lancashire this month as the problem is tackled by faith institutions, spearheaded by the White Ribbon Campaign.

Leeds’ Makkah Masjid will be just one place of worship where the project will be supported and Imam Qari Asim explained why it was important to support the initiative.

He said: “We know that during times of heightened emotions, such as the current World Cup, incidents of domestic violence increase.

“This campaign will help people talk more openly about any concerns they may have both in their own households or those of their friends and families.”

Chris Green, founder and CEO of the White Ribbon Campaign, said he was delighted to see action being taken to end violence in the home.

“During football World Cups, from 2002-2010, domestic abuse increased by 38 per cent.

“Let this year be the first when there is no increase, or even better, a reduction in the levels of male violence against women, during the World Cup.”

Former England Rugby League international and White Ribbon Ambassador Ikram Butt added: “Violence against women and children is unacceptable and we all have a duty and responsibility to speak out against it and take action until we eradicate it completely.”

An open event, for people of all backgrounds, is set to be held at the Leeds Makkah Masjid on Friday 11th July from 8:30pm at the Annual Community Iftari, with White Ribbon representatives in attendance.

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