Arfi Lamba offered international film with Lady Gaga

Arfi Lamba is on cloud nine these days, reason being he’s been offered an international film with Akon and Lady Gaga.

Arif Lamba is the only Indian in the film with Lady Gaga
Arif Lamba is the only Indian in the film with Lady Gaga

The name of the film is ‘The Key Project’ and it is directed by Will’o (Pantheras Films) who’s directed many television productions and commercials and has been in the business for over 14 years.

Arfi will be the only Indian in the film.

Clarifies Arfi: ‘Yes, I have been offered the key project though right now it’s too early to reveal any further details.

“I am really excited about with AKON, Lady Gaga and the project in general. Lady Gaga is doing a small but very important role in the film.”

‘The Key Project’ is a film about real experiences that successful people have gone through to get to where they are today.

Will ‘O stated: “Success means a lot of different things, from health, finances, and many others… we want to capture the different stories from celebrities to teachers, to show the power of never giving up”.


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