Singing, magic, comedy and even beat-boxing were just some of the talents on show last week as a Leeds primary school finally launched its much anticipated talent show.

Bankside’s Got Talent has been in the planning for months and it finally arrived last week as almost one hundred pupils signed up to take part in the inaugural event.

The three-form entry school began the audition process with pupils, in groups or as individuals, showcasing their talents in front of an esteemed judging panel made up of teachers.

Bankside's Got Talent Girls
Bankside’s Got Talent Girls

Ms Charlotte Fisher, SEN teaching assistant; Mr Chris Florey, deputy head; Ms Lorna Creed, Year 5 teacher; and Mr Salik Miah, EYFS teacher, were all issued with the role of casting their watchful eye over the acts.

With an array of prizes on offer for the finalists, and winner, contestants took to the stage, and with the odd ‘Susan Boyle’ moment it proved an incredible success.

Bankside's Got Talent Girls
Bankside’s Got Talent Girls

Reception and Nursery teacher, Mr Salik Miah, has been instrumental in helping to organise the contest and explained how thrilled he was to see so many pupils ‘coming out of their shells’ to show off their special ability.

“It has been really hard to cut down the numbers because all the children were fantastic and really tried their hardest,” he explained.

“It has been great to see the confidence in the children and a lot of them really express themselves in a way that we have never seen before.

“On a personal note I really enjoyed it. As a reception class teacher, I don’t often get to see some of the older pupils so it was wonderful to see the whole school getting involved, with all ages taking part from reception to Year 6.”

Bankside's Got Talent Boys
Bankside’s Got Talent Boys

He added: “We certainly had a couple of memorable moments which stuck out. Some pupils for example, who are quiet in class, all of a sudden got up in front of the judges and had a big voice or amazing talent that just wasn’t expected.”

With almost 100 entries, the audition process was forced to extend over two days, with the second group of contestants set to audition on Friday 24th January.

Bankside's Got Talent Judges
Bankside’s Got Talent Judges

From there, the acts will be whittled down to a much smaller group, which will then be split into four with each judge taking on a group and act as mentor.

The final is set to take place on Thursday 13th March where finalists will once again perform for the judges, including a special guest yet to be announced.

If anybody would like to get involved with Bankside’s Got Talent
or could donate a prize please contact the school on 0113 336 8383.