Students of the Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL) presented a cheque to help those at the brink of starvation in Yemen.

Yemen has suffered deaths of over 68,000 civilians in what has been termed ‘the largest man-made disaster which has left millions malnourished.

Khalil Ben Khalid from the Penny Appeal received the cheque presented by the school’s Islamic Society. The money will go towards helping get desperately needed food and water to some of those suffering the consequences of the civil war in Yemen which has been on-going since 2015.

The call for action was taken after GSAL Muslim students were emotionally moved by hearing and seeing reports of Yemen’s horrifying and catastrophic human crisis, who then decided to arrange a fundraiser.

GSAL’s Muslim faith leaders along with the student Islamic Society who meet weekly for a faith assembly and hold Jummah prayers, decided to host a family event which would help raise some money.

Sponsored by local businesses such as EastZEast, Curry Counter, Bliss Spa, Starbuck’s, Imaan Jewellery and Uniforms, the event enjoyed an exciting live auction of items generously donated by students and parents.

Gripping Xbox contests were held as well as a much-contended and heated bake-off competition. Other attractions such as henna hand-art, lucky dips and food stalls helped raise the crucial funds.

“This is the second year of running the Islamic Society charity event,” said teaching assistant Mrs Nema Saeed.

“We have received lots of support from pupils, staff and parents in our school community.

“We are very blessed to be in a school where all faiths and no faith can feel valued and respected as part of the school’s community.

“We felt that with their 100% donation policy and delivering aid directly to those who need it they were the suitable charity for this event.”

GSAL’s Islamic Society has built a relationship with Penny Appeal from previous events and Khalil Ben Khalil (fund raising manager) has been to GSAL numerous times to delivered faith assemblies.

The Islamic Society plays a vital part in the daily life of Muslim students at GSAL. As well hosting regular meetings and hosting Friday congregational prayers, they encourage daily prayers and have an allocated space for prayers during lunchtimes.