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Moderna jabs mark new milestone in NHS vaccination programme

The first Moderna jabs will be delivered in England today (Tuesday) as the NHS vaccination programme reaches another milestone.

Senior NHS figures stress Muslims CAN get Covid jab whilst fasting

Senior GP Dr Farzana Hussain stresses that getting the jab does not break the fast for Muslims observing Ramadan.“Getting an injection...

BRAVEHEART: Bradford architect completes Covid-19 vaccine trials

“It’s a race against time - the BAME community must step forward and help the efforts to find the right cure.”

COVID-19 VACCINE: Ready to roll out says Matt Hancock

Early results from the world's first effective coronavirus vaccine is being seen as a breakthrough in the pandemic battle; trials show...

COVID-19: Mass UK-wide rollout of vaccine possible from October

A raft of measures to allow the safe future of a mass UK-wide rollout of a Covid-19 vaccine have been outlined by...

Pig gelatine in flu spray is not just a Muslim concern

A nasal spray vaccine will helps protect children from the flu virus and reduces the chances of them getting sick and missing time off...